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WORLDPAC offers more than 120,000 part numbers at one source for over 40 import and domestic vehicle carlines. Scroll over a country of origin flag to view makes or view a printable pdf. WORLDPAC’s real-time Special Order Program is available through our award-winning speedDIAL ® software. Now you will have access to virtually thousands of parts that have not been available through our normal distribution network.



Thin Client Web based catalog, the WorldPac application must be installed on the workstation prior to configuring vendor. Each workstation shares the same WorldPac credentials. If the WorldPac application is already present on the system, open the application found in c:program filesspeedial and click on View / Preferences. Mark the three check boxes in the login screen with checkmarks.

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You may also download the most current version from

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Provides fast part lookups using category or description.

Enabling WorldPAC Catalog Functionality

The WorldPac catalog functionality is turned on by using Setup / Special Maintenance / Toggle Catalog Availability while at the home splash screen. The catalog functionality must be turned on to configure a vendor for use with WorldPac. The WorldPac catalog is accessed from the WorldPac button on the Order screen.

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Vendor Setup

Worldpac Speeddial

To establish an account go to: or call the customer department at 888 544-9982. After creating a vendor record in Manager, click on the Setup Link button and choose ‘Setup WorldPac Link’, click OK The credentials from the SpeedDial application are automatically stored.