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Is anyone using Zendesk and disappointed?

When we signed up with Zendesk a few years ago I thought it was a solid product. We've been using it for our Help site for about four years. However, over time it has turned into a disconnected maze of products that have become more and more complicated to navigate and use. Ironically, getting support today required me to find a Help page on the topic of getting support. I think Zendesk has scaled poorly and is trying to be too much to too many people. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

WorkFlowy; Community; Bug Reports; Windows app window increases in size Follow. Martin May 04, 2021 09:09; I have apps positioned on my screen so they line up, every time I open Workflowy app its a few pixels larger than last time, this means I have to readjust it every time so it does not overlap my other apps. Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn. Zendesk is a beautifully simple customer service platform designed for service-based businesses such as IT companies. With Zendesk and WorkflowMax working together, your helpdesk team can input time directly from their support tickets into your time billing solution. We try to provide helpful softwares for Zendesk users. Advanced Workflow allows you to control the content of a Custom Field through a workflow: Each Step of the workflow is a potential value of a Custom Field. These Steps can be linked to a Zendesk ticket status.

Workflowy Zendesk
2 months ago

Yes we were using in my previous company.
I am not a huge fan.
Some alternatives I checked are freshdesk (but kind of the same) and frontapp.
For my new company, we will probably be using intercom for interactive live chat with customers.

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2 months ago

In the strictest terms of ticketing and the help centre, I think Zendesk is great. However, when it comes to any of the addon products they have created or acquired it just adds clutter and isn't cohesive. We are sorta stuck with them due to being one of the few HIPPA Complaint support tools. Ironically for a company that sells support software I think they have the worst support of any of the tools I currently use. If you happen to get a live agent, they simple forward you articles that you have already read.

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2 months ago

Agreed. I’m currently zapping together intercom and hubspot to fill the gap.

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2 months ago

I think Zendesk is a really solid tool though as support needed to become more integrated Zendesk starts to faulter.

They keep adding products such as live chat, telephony, bots and the like but kept always the underlying architecture for their product. Which IMO is not setting them up for success at this point.

Additionally, Zendesk wants to be a central workflow tool but then it it's hard to integrate with internal tools and you always need to use the same states that tickets have (difficult to create new customized abstractions).

If you're using them mostly to power your help center just take a CMS off the shelf and build your help content there. Than you can plug and play any ticketing system there without having to rely on Zendesk.

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Workflowy Zendesk
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Workflowy Zendesk Login

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In my opinion, Dynalist is the better product. It has far more features, while still giving you the ability to keep it simple. If you don’t need the extra features, then you don’t need to use them. Workflowy is an excellent product for minimalist needs, but there are limits to how many items you can add to the free account, and after an intensive week of software comparison at work, I hit them. I don’t think you can get away without the paid account which is about half of the cost of Dynalist. Below I go into the specifics of my experience with each service’s features.

FYI, if you are thinking about using Dynalist, they are having a sale for Dynalist Pro for 50% off with coupon code: XMAS18. The code will be valid until January 4, 2019, 11:59 P.M. EST. This coupon will make the cost less for a Dynalist subscription for one year than a Workflowy subscription. As you will read, when I started this I didn’t think I needed the subscription and still don’t find it a necessity, but with it being half off, I purchased it to support development.

  • Dynalist

    • Pros

      • Multiple Documents
      • Free plan has unlimited documents
        • Pro features don’t having anything that I need. I will just backup to PDF if necessary.
      • Dark Mode in Free version
      • Setting Customizations
        • View Markdown Image inline
        • List Density: Comfortable, Cozy, Compact
        • Highlight Current Item
      • Link to Other Dynalist Documents Test List - Uses Markdown
      • Pro Features
        • Inbox for Capturing/Clipping
        • Google Drive Backup
        • Custom CSS
        • Paid Account can import documents. Quota is 1 GB per month.
      • Sharing can be done with free account
      • Text and Outline Formatting
        • Markdown Support - But not mandatory.
          • Italics
          • Bold
          • Code Formatting
          • Strikethrough
          • Hover over image to view or Images can be viewed inline
        • Headers can be H1, H2, H3
        • Lines can be highlighted to different colors
        • Check Boxes
          • Indenting under a check box creates checkbox automatically
        • Numbered Children
      • Discourse Forum
        • Easy to keep track of read posts
        • Easy to search for posts
        • Very active forum
      • Easy to Search All Documents at Once - Ctrl/Cmd + Enter/Return
    • Cons

      • $96 a year for pro features
      • In Dark mode when using Ctrl+P to Print as PDF doesn’t allow for Adobe Acrobat to OCR text. If not in Dark mode you can OCR the text
      • There is no direct print and therefore doesn’t have OCR by default (even without Dark Mode on) but it was easy enough to OCR the document with Acrobat.
    • Deal-Breakers

  • Workflowy

    • Pros

      • $50 a year
      • Easy to search
      • Print to PDF worked correctly with OCR automatically done
    • Cons

      • Free plan only have 250 lines per month
      • No Markdown Support
      • No Code Support
      • No Dark Mode in Free Version
      • Limited Customization Settings
      • Password Protected Sharing Requires Pro
      • Zendesk Forum
        • Not easy to keep track of posts you’ve read
        • Not great at searching
        • Somewhat active forum
    • Deal-Breakers

      • One Document for everything.
  • Draws

    • iOS App
    • Mac App
    • Windows App
    • Export to OPML, HTML, Plain Text
    • Print
    • Paste to Import OPML
    • Can Complete Lines - Completed is shown with Strike through
    • Export can be select for individual branches branch
    • Pro Features
      • Dropbox Backups
  • Resources