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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct® enables Wi-Fi devices to connect directly to each other, making it simple and convenient to print, share, sync, play games, and display content to another device. Wi-Fi Direct devices connect to one another without joining a traditional home, office, or public network.

Connect devices without network access

Wi-Fi Direct enables mobile phones, cameras, printers, PCs, and gaming devices to create their own Wi-Fi networks without an internet connection. Connect other Wi-Fi Direct devices to each other to transfer or display content, play games, and share applications quickly and easily through device settings. Devices can make a one-to-one connection, or a group of several devices can connect simultaneously. Because there is no need for an access point or internet connection, Wi-Fi Direct networks go wherever devices go. Wi-Fi Direct connections between devices are the underlying technology for many applications, including Miracast®. Thousands of devices such as smartphones, cameras, printers, televisions, PCs, and gaming devices are already certified.

Wi-Fi Direct (formerly Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer) is a Wi-Fi standard for peer-to-peer wireless connections that allows two devices to establish a direct Wi-Fi connection without an intermediary wireless access point, router, or Internet connection.Wi-Fi Direct is single-hop communication, rather than multihop communication like wireless ad hoc networks. Wi-Fi becomes a way of communicating. There multiple ways to share screen from your android device using wifi. You can share using LG Screen Share App on Wi-Fi, Wifi-Direct or WiDi. You can share using DLNA players. You can share using Miracast or Screen Cast. Share using Phone built-in feature. Most LG phones are equipped with screen share and other content sharing technologies.

Connect anywhere, anytime

Wi-Fi Direct devices can connect anywhere, anytime—even when there is no access to a Wi-Fi network nearby. Wi-Fi Direct devices emit a signal to other devices in the area, letting them know a connection can be made. Users can view available devices and request a connection or may receive an invitation to connect to another device. When two or more Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices connect directly, they form a Wi-Fi Direct group using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™.

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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct™ recognized with Connected Home 2011 Award
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wifi Direct Iphone 10

  • How does Wi-Fi Alliance help ensure product compatibility and a good user experience for certified products?

    Compatibility and quality are achieved through testing of Wi-Fi products. Consumers should always look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo to ensure the best user experience possible.

  • How is Miracast related to Wi-Fi Direct?

    Wi-Fi Direct allows devices to connect directly to each other, without the need for a Wi-Fi access point (AP). It simply requires the push of a button or the entry of a PIN. Wi-Fi Direct allows source and display devices to discover one another and provides the underlying device-to-device connectivity for Miracast. Miracast builds upon Wi-Fi Direct with mechanisms to negotiate video capabilities, setup content protection (if needed), stream content, and maintain the video session.

  • Can all devices start a network based on the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct program?

    All Wi-Fi Direct devices can start a group, based on the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct program, but it’s most likely that devices with more computing power (laptops, handsets, gaming devices) will more frequently manage the network than those with less power (digital cameras, printers, etc.).

  • How does security work for Wi-Fi Direct products?

    Group networks based on the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct program operate in a security domain that is independent from any infrastructure network. This means that they have protection of the security features certified under the WPA2 program, but are managed separately from the security system in the AP-based network (home, enterprise, hotspot). This means both the group networks based on the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct program and the infrastructure networks can be protected, but users don’t need credentials for the infrastructure network to connect to the network based on the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct program.

  • How does the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct certification program work?

    The underlying specification connects devices using an approach similar to the traditional AP-to-client connection used in Wi-Fi CERTIFIED infrastructure networks. One Wi-Fi Direct device provides the connection to other participants in a group of Wi-Fi Direct devices in lieu of an AP. A device certified under the Wi-Fi Direct program does not require special hardware compared to traditional Wi-Fi AP devices.

  • How far does a Wi-Fi Direct connection travel?

    Wi-Fi Direct devices work just like any Wi-Fi device, with ranges up to 200 meters. They can connect from just a few feet away, but also across a home. This means that making a Wi-Fi Direct group connection will be convenient, even when devices aren’t in immediate proximity to one another.

  • How fast is Wi-Fi Direct?

    Wi-Fi Direct supports Wi-Fi speeds up to 250 Mbps. Even at lower speeds, Wi-Fi provides plenty of throughput for transferring multimedia content with ease. The performance of a particular group of Wi-Fi Direct devices depends on whether the devices are 802.11a, g, or n, as well as the particular characteristics of the devices and the physical environment.

  • Can a network based on devices certified under the Wi-Fi Direct program cross connect to an infrastructure network for internet connectivity?

    Yes. A single device in a Wi-Fi Direct-certified group network may share internet connectivity with other devices in the network by creating simultaneous infrastructure and Wi-Fi Direct connections. A network of devices certified under the Wi-Fi Direct program operates in a security domain separate from the infrastructure network, even when cross-connected.

  • How many devices can connect?

    A Wi-Fi Direct-certified network can be one-to-one, or one-to-many. Connection to multiple other devices is an optional feature that will not be supported in all Wi-Fi Direct devices; some devices will only make 1:1 connections.

  • Does the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct certification program work on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands?

    Yes, the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct certification program supports operation in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Devices operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band only and devices operating in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands can be certified under the Wi-Fi Direct program. Not all Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices support both frequency bands, however, so you should check which bands your devices support.

  • What about power management protocols? Are devices implementing the technology behind Wi-Fi Direct a power hog?

    Most Wi-Fi Direct devices are power sensitive, and in many cases, battery powered. Wi-Fi Direct devices can support the Power Save feature certified under the WMM® program, and the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct program also defines power saving mechanisms.

  • Which Wi-Fi Direct device will create and manage the connection?

    Devices conduct a negotiation to determine which device is most appropriate. This may be determined by considering a number of factors including but not limited to power management, number of connections supported, richness of user interface and services being offered. The Wi-Fi Direct device that offers the connection manages the creation, admission to, presence, and termination of that network implementing the specification underlying the Wi-Fi Direct program.

  • Can a device simultaneously connect to a regular Wi-Fi network and a group of Wi-Fi Direct devices at the same time?

    All devices certified under the Wi-Fi Direct program allow the user to connect to an infrastructure or a Wi-Fi Direct network. Some devices certified under the Wi-Fi Direct program support connections to both an infrastructure network and Wi-Fi Direct group at the same time (e.g. a laptop may support an infrastructure connection while also belonging to a Wi-Fi Direct-certified group). Simultaneous connection to a Wi-Fi Direct group and an infrastructure network is an optional feature.

  • If I make a Wi-Fi Direct group with another person, can they see all of the contents of my device?

    Not without your permission. The content available over a Wi-Fi Direct group connection is driven by the applications you are using. While there may be applications which allow an authorized use to “browse” the content on your device, most applications will have a specific focus, such as sharing a game application or transferring photos.

  • Do products certified under the Wi-Fi Direct program interoperate with my other Wi-Fi devices?

    Yes. A Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct device is able to make device group connections with existing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ gear.

'How to transfer data from LG to iPhone? '

Free wall planner. Why we need to replace our old but otherwise in perfect working conditions phones? Well, the technology is changing very fast and many latest apps do not support older phones. If you are one of them and replaced your older LG android phone with iPhone you have come to the right place. I will show you how to transfer all your contacts and other data from LG android phone to iPhone. In this article I will guide you step by step so that you can transfer data from LG phone to iPhone using two methods MobileTrans – Phone Transfer and Move to iOS app.

Part 1: Transfer from LG to iPhone via MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

You can transfer every type of data from your LG to the iPhone using MobileTrans in an automated and secure way. MobileTrans - Phone Transfer supports over 15 types of data transfer depending on the mobile systems of the phones used for the transfer of data. Learn more about MobileTrans in details:

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer from LG to iPhone With 1 Click!

  • • The data types include calendar, contacts, text messages, photos, notes, videos, apps, wallpaper, voice memo and more.
  • • Move safely without resetting devices or deleting original data.
  • • Supports all android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and windows phone 8/8.1.
  • • Easy to operate. Transfer data with a simple click without any effort.

Wifi Direct Setup Iphone

4,085,556 people have downloaded it

Let's start transferring your data from LG android phone to your new iPhone using MobileTrans - Phone Transfer.

Step 1. Install and launch MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Download and install MobileTrans tool on your PC from here. Follow the instructions for installing like any other software. It supports both Windows and MAC computers. Once you launch the tool click on “Phone Transfer” as per the below image.

Step 2. Now connect both LG and iPhone to your computer

Connect both the phones with the computer using USB cables supplied with your phones. Check that both the phones are visible in MobileTrans application. Your LG android phone will be your source phone from which you are transferring the data and iPhone will be your destination phone which will be receiving the data. Make sure that your LG phone is on the left and iPhone on the right. You can easily change the position using the “Flip” button.

Step 3. Start the transfer of selected file types

As shown in the below image select the file types that you want to transfer from your LG android phone to iPhone. You can select from calendar, contacts, text messages, photos, notes, videos, apps, wallpaper and voice memo. Then click the 'Start' button to initiate the transfer process. Select 'Clear data before copy' if you want to erase existing data from your iPhone.

Once the transfer of data is over check if all the selected files are transferred to your iPhone.

Part 2: Transfer Data from LG to iPhone via Move to iOS App

Switching from LG to iPhone can also be done by using Move to iOS app. Move to iOS app is Apple's first Android app. It is installed on android device and connects with Apple device over a direct Wi-Fi connection. Download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play store for switching from your LG phone to your new iPhone.

Before you start make sure to turn on Wi-Fi on your LG phone and plug in your both phones into power. Also, make sure that you have enough space on your iPhone to move the selected data from your LG phone. If you wish to transfer google Chrome bookmarks update Chrome first.

Step 1. Click 'Move Data from Android'

If you are setting up a new iPhone click on 'Move Data from Android' option when you reach the screen titled 'Apps & Data' during setup. If you have already finished setting up your iPhone you will need to erase all data and start the setup again.

Step 2. Open the Move to iOS app on LG phone

Open the Move to iOS app on your LG phone and click 'Continue'. Tap the “Agree” button after reading the terms and conditions then tap “Next”.


Step 3. Wait for a code on your iPhone.

Wifi Direct Iphone Lg

Also, tap “Continue” on your iPhone and wait for a code to appear. If you receive an alert on your LG phone for poor Wi-Fi connection ignore it.

Wifi direct iphone brother printer Now enter the code on your LG phone to connect it with your iPhone.

Step 4. Select the content type

On your LG phone, select the types of files that you want to transfer and tap “Next”. Let the loading bar on your iPhone device finish. Now click 'Done' on your LG phone and click 'Continue' on your iPhone to finish the setup. Enter the existing Apple ID or setup a new one. Once the transfer is complete you will need to log in to all accounts transferred from your LG phone. Transfer any music files, e-books or PDF files manually.

Wifi Direct Iphone Samsung Tv

Your contacts, messages, photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars are now transferred to your iPhone.

While using the Move to iOS tool turn off the cellular data on your LG phone. Also, disable any of the apps on your LG phone for using the Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth transfer. Also do not use the LG phone to receive a call during the process nor use any app other than Move to iOS.

Part 3: Comparison between MobileTrans and Move to iOS

Move to iOS is a free app but has some of the limitations.

Wifi Direct Lg Iphone 11

  • Limited Data Type. Many users have faced compatibility issues while transferring data. It does not transfer the apps, music, pdf files or passwords.
  • Risk of erasing data. Also, Move to iOS can only be used with the new iPhone. Since Move to iOS requires to setup the iPhone it will erase any important data already stored on your existing iPhone.
  • Device compatibilty. Move to iOS is only compatible with iOS 9 or higher. Whereas MobileTrans app has no such compatibility issues.

You do not require to setup the iPhone so it can be used to transfer data to both new and existing iPhone. MobileTrans is very easy to use and the ideal tool to transfer all the data from your LG android phone to iPhone securely.

Wifi Direct For Iphone And Lg Tv

I hope the above guide will help you in transferring data from your LG phone to iPhone with success. I would recommend using MobileTrans not only since it is fast and secure but you can also use it to backup and restore your data. Please share your experience with us in the below comments.

Wifi Direct Iphone Lg Tv

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