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  1. I first discovered the thumbnail issue when I plugged in a USB WD My Book that already contained a large number of files. The My Cloud EX2 went crazy digging through every subdirectory on the USB drive and creating thumbnails. The NAS became unresponsive to the point where I could no longer use the browser-based GUI to manage the NAS.
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  3. I was really excited to to see the PLEX as an app for the WD MyCloud. I installed it on my WD EX4100 but encountered some. Issues when setting it up. First being the directory it lets you select files from. When trying to add media files and folders it defaults to a hidden folder inside the application.

My Cloud Plex Server

I come to you in desperation

WD My Cloud EX2 Setup for MAC. WD Quick View for Mac. WD My Cloud EX2 GPL Source Code. Third Party Apps GPL Codes. Management Information Base (MiB) WD SmartWare. Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Twonky, And Some Answers The MyCloud includes a Twonky DLNA Media Server. Sadly it doesn’t seem very well integrated into the MyCloud, and the two fight for supremacy. I’ve spent a long time trying to understand how it works, and reading the forum, I see many other people also have trouble with it. So I thought that, rather than trying to answer.

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to set up plex on my my cloud ex2 ulta. I believe this is possible. I would like it installed on the NAS rather than my laptop so I can access it when the laptop is off view the ps3 app, google chromecast and mobile phones. I plan to use ps3 and chrome cast as players as my tvs are Panasonic which I don’t believe support the plex app.

I have searched a lot and not found an answer. The process that I have followed so far is. Open the WD dashboard and go to app section. Install the plex app which exists there, then select configure. Configure opens the web browser and takes me to the plex log in where I log into my plex account, where I get a screen telling me to ‘To get started streaming your media everywhere, download and install Plex Media Server on the computer or device where you keep your media.’

I have installed the windows based plex application which asks for a restart then takes me back to the same screen asking me to install plex again. Have gone round in circles on this.

Wd my cloud ex2 ultra plex

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Wd My Cloud Ex2 Plex

I am not sure a windows based installation is what I need but the other option to download for nas only generates a bin file which I am not sure what to do with. Also I was under the impression that plex was already installed on the nas via the dashboard where I selected the configure option.

Wd My Cloud Ex2 Software

I am confused and could do with some guidance as I refuse to give up as I am pretty sure what I am aiming for is possible, any advice would be great as I seem to be going around in circles. Paste fericit.

Thanks Paul

Ex2Wd My Cloud Ex2 Plex

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