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Free VPN for Chrome is the fastest and easiest Proxy service. The friendly design allows you to change the current IP address by choosing another country from the wide list right in the extension. I tried it on my Win7 computer and I get exactly the same results with Chrome. I can run Firefox with the extension, or I can run anything (Including Chrome) using the NordVPN app, but Chrome with the extension is dead. So, is anyone running the Nord VPN extension on Chrome and getting it to work?

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  2. Nordvpn Not Working On Chrome

So, you plan on adding NordVPN to Chrome? No problem, but first you must pay for a subscription plan. When that part is over, it’s just a matter of logging in and connecting to one of more than 5100 servers in 60 countries. Then, you can play videos game, download torrents, watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and other streaming services outside of the native country. While you are doing that, no one can crack your identity or spy on your browsing habits. This is due to the IP and DNS leak protection, 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, and a strict zero log policy. Here’s how to add NordVPN to Chrome.

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How to add NordVPN to Chrome

1. Purchase a subscription plan

  1. Head on over to Get NordVPN.
  2. Pick a subscription plan. Getting a larger plan upfront provides the biggest discount.
  3. Optional: Add NordPass and/or NordLocker if you need it. Also, click on the Got coupon? and enter a discount coupon code if you have one.
  4. Click on Continue to Payment.
  5. Enter your payment information. You can also use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. This is an anonymous way to pay.
  6. Click on Continue or Continue to CoinPayments, depending on what you chose to pay with.
  7. All necessary information will be sent to the e-mail you provided. This includes a password and the ability to set one yourself.

2. Install NordVPN Chrome extension

Vpn Nord ChromeNordNord
  1. Visit the NordVPN extension page.
  2. In the top right corner, click on Add to Chrome.
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Click on Add extension.
  4. Click on the mini NordVPN icon that has appeared in the top right corner of Google Chrome, to the left of your profile picture.
  5. On the pop-up, enter your login details – username or e-mail, and password.

Vpn Nord Download

You now have two options:

  1. You can click on Quick Connect. NordVPN will automatically connect you to the recommended server.
  2. You can click on Search for a specific country at the bottom. Start typing the name, pick one from the options, and click on Connect.

3. Enable CyberSec and Block WebRTC

While your connection is encrypted and your data is never saved to NordVPN’s servers, there are two potential dangers. To put your mind at ease, NordVPN has implemented two features. To verify they’re working, do this.

  1. Log in with your account to the NordVPN extension for Chrome.
  2. In the top right corner, spot the gear (cogwheel) icon and click on it.
  3. Once Settings opens, make sure both Block WebRTC and CyberSec options are enabled.
  • WebRTC is a protocol in Google Chrome that, due to the presence of JavaScript, has the potential of leaking your real IP address and thus your location.
  • CyberSec is a proprietary feature by NordVPN. It will block ads, adware, and malware on websites as you browse. This eliminates the chance of third parties tracking you, injecting malicious code, and infecting your device(s) with a virus. It can also detect phishing attempts and other threats online.

Nordvpn Not Working On Chrome

Now you know how installing a NordVPN extension for Google Chrome works. Make sure you’re always logged in and connected if you want to keep your identity hidden.