The Art Of Layering Clothes

Ah the art of layering. But really, I do consider it an art, and myself merely a student constantly experimenting and playing with new techniques to achieve the ultimate layered perfection. Too much? Haha, in all seriousness though, mastering how to layer your clothes takes time, and practice, at least for me. I constantly play around with different looks and there’s no better time to hone your skills than fall. It all starts with these 5 simple tips to keep in mind when you’re putting together an outfit. It was so hard for me to nail down one look for this post because once I started playing, ideas started flowing. I have so many things from Nordstrom that I am loving right now, this entire look included (everything linked on the right). I also have some Nordstrom notes to use which I plan on putting towards this to-die-for teddy coat. So here it is, my 5 tips to help you master how to layer your clothes.

TheThe Art Of Layering Clothes

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Sher Canada, Chico's Style Expert, is back to show you 12 looks to layer up and look fabulous all season long.Connect with Chico's:http://www.chicos.comhttp. The Art Of Layering Clothes Reading Time: 2 minutes What’s not to love about layering? Not only is it perfect for trans-seasonal dressing, but it also extends the life of warm weather garments, and breathes new life into others.

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1. Color is Key

Layering is best achieved when you keep your look to one or two color families (even down to the accessories like this neutral crossbody). A print is ok, but keep it to one, in this case I started with a striped tee, but left everything else minimal and neutral. Pairing colors like blue and camel compliment each other nicely, other great color combos for fall: burgundy and green, navy and mustard, black and tan.

2. Focus on Fabrics

A nice mix of texture is essential for layering. Here I’ve chosen three different fabrics, denim, cotton and wool to create variety. I’ve also added velvet to the mix with my ankle booties, which works fine because they’re in the same color family and add a nice pop of color. Just be careful not to go too crazy, pick a few different fabric textures and weights and play around with them.

3. Play With Proportion

Proportion is everything when it comes to layering. The key with denim is just the right length. This pair is perfect because it hits right above the ankle on me and when paired with these ankle booties that hit right above the ankle creates a seamless look that elongates. Keeping the booties and the denim in the same color family also helps. Add subtle touches like I did here by rolling up the sleeve of the coat and cuffing the denim shirt over with a tiny bit of the stripe shirt poking out. It doesn’t have to be perfect. A little messy and undone looks effortless.

4. Stick to One Bulky Item

Any more than one big item and you’re venturing into unflattering territory. The key is to keep most of the layers on the lighter side and mix in one big piece, whether it’s a chunky sweater, a teddy coat or a big oversized scarf. It doesn’t have to be your top layer either. You can wear a chunky sweater under a slimmer vest or a lighter coat.

5. Have Fun With It

Mastering the art of layering takes time and practice. I play around with different layered looks all the time until I find something that works. There’s really no end to the number of combinations you can create and it’s a great way to get excited about your wardrobe again. And there’s no better way to stay warm this fall and winter!

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Discover the styling trick that gives your wardrobe a fresh lease of life! As well as being environmentally friendly, layering clothes extends the life of your wardrobe without you having to spend a penny. And it looks pretty cool too! Here we show you how to layer clothes.

Athleisure and layering

Everyone’s got a hoody , and it’s one of the easiest items of clothing to layer with the added bonus that a touch of Athleisure gives a flush of youth to your look. But to make it stylish you need to take it out of your casual wardrobe and introduce it to your tailoring. Make sure your hoody is neat and not too oversized. Layer it under a tailored coat with a pair of smart cropped trousers and finish off with white trainers.

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Seasonal layering

Extend the seasonal life of your wardrobe by employing an old trick stylists have been using for years. It’s all about the summer/winter mix and the layering of sleeves. For example, team your summer short-sleeved dress with a long-sleeved ribbed polo or layer a long-sleeved stripey tee under your summer-weight jumpsuit. Just ditch your sandals for heeled ankle boots for an instantly modern look that will see you through the colder months. It’s best to have at least one pattern going on and if you’re feeling adventurous, mix patterns like stripes and florals or checks with polka dots − just keep the colours in the same family and the prints in the same scale.

Layering with texture

One of the tricks to layering clothes is mixing different types of fabrics. Think soft with structured or silky with more technical fabrics such as sportswear. You need lots of light things to go under chunky things. Here I’ve started with a thin cream Thermolactyl turtleneck that goes under a silky shirt dress and the final layer is a chunky cardigan. Make sure you pull the sleeves of the dress out. Finish off by wrapping a navy leather belt around the cardi and team with some knee-high boots.

Layering for warmth

Tips For Layering Clothes

Extend the life of your puffer-style jacket or gilet by layering it under your winter coat. Not only will it give you an added layer of warmth but the combination of a technical fabric under a classic coat looks really modern. Puffer-style gilets also look good layered OVER a tailored blazer, but get the proportions right − keep the gilet a similar length to the jacket underneath.

Layering with accessories

Art Of Layering Clothes


Never underestimate the transformative powers of a great accessory. The make-or-break final layer to any outfit is in the detail, be it a brightly coloured bag layered over a simple sweater and jeans or a boldly printed scarf wrapped round a winter coat. Another nod to layering is the current trend for wearing lots of different sized gold chains round your neck or a collection of studs and hoops in your ear. Accessories add the final layer of colour, texture or print to your outfit and elevate it from ordinary to sublime.

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