Synology Ds218+ Plex

The Synology DS212 is slow and does not allow me to use Plex Media Server. I'm also using a VPS (4v cores) and it can run Plex flawlessly. Would it be possible to setup Plex media server to search a remote library on my Synology NAS at home? It's Not easy to find. Synology have a new NAS unit that claims it can trans-code 4k video on the fly, we put it to the test.-.



I am new to the community and new to the world of Synology and have much to learn. Thank you for the great information on this forum as it is helping me learn a lot.

Plex Media Server For Synology

I am trying to install Plex on my NAS DS218+, which based on the forum below…

Synology Ds218+ Plex

…It appears it is possible. I have enabled SSH and gained access to my NAS but cannot find the INFO file (shown in forum above) to configure it. I attained root access but the file is not there. Is it as simple as creating it?

Synology Ds218 Plex User

Will this file automatically place the app in the package center or automatically download the application?

Synology Ds218+ Plex

It is not clear to me.

I tried to find more information on this but it alludes me. Can I please have more guidance.

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