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I think the NEX6 shutter is probably rated for about 100k actuations. NEX 7 was reportedly 150k, and the new A6500 is specified as 200k. Btw EXIFTOOL also has no problem reading image count in Sony - eg a random image from my old NEX-F3. NEX-5T Sony a6300 Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS Sony E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 PZ OSS Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN +4 more Reply Reply with quote Reply to thread Complain. Download Picture Information Extractor here:Courses on Shooting Video with Mirrorless & DSL. Sony's own estimation for earlier NEX models without electronic first curtain shutter was at 50k, while the NEX-7 with it's electronic first curtain shutter doubles that. Now, these estimates are, of course, relatively modest, but they provide a good measure of what you can expect at minimum from a camera. De long wine maps 2020. As a result, second-hand buyers on Ebay or Craigslist are willing to offer a higher price for a camera with a low number of shutter releases than for the same model with a high actuation count. What is the shutter life expectancy of my Sony? Shutter life ratings differ across cameras. Most modern interchangeable lens cameras, such as the Sony.

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This thread is a short condensed summary of all the findings and informations discovered so far w.r.t. image/shutter counter tags in the maker notes of Sony Alpha cameras.
Intentionally posted as a read only reference which will be updated in case there are any new findings. Questions or further discussion, please use the referenced threads stated below!

Image/Shutter actuation information in Sony Alpha JPG and ARW files
Besides the 'normal' information (such as shutter speed, focal length, aperture, etcetera..), the EXIF from the original image file (straight out of the cam) usually contains additional information in the so-called 'maker notes'.

Sony Shutter Count Free

The number of actuations is covert and stored as three bytes of data in the maker notes. This is the case for all Sony DSLR/DSLT and NEX cameras, except the following ones: A100, A200, A300, A350 and A700.
The initial findings of the corresponding SonyTags for A900/A850 were discovered and published first on German forum by it's member 'Hans-J.' . Based on this info Dyxum member 'Guy' was able to further identify the corresponding SonyTags used, which hold the shutter actuation data, in all the other Alpha cameras in the maker notes and also set up a small tool site - - to calculate and report back the shutter count via a script by simply uploading an unedited JPG or (c)RAW to this server.
Calculation of shutter counter from these three SonyTags is done as follows:

Sony nex 5 shutter countAnd here's the list of SonyTags identified so far in the maker notes of the Alphas which hold the info:

These special SonyTags and their respective data can be extracted via exiftool - for details see here.Count

Sony Alpha Shutter Count

Mind that the file, to give you the shutter actuation data, has to be unedited as most image editing software will strip out the info required from the maker notes!
Furthermore these counters do not correspond 1:1 to the file image number given on the memory card, but rather are higher due to the fact that shutter was actuated during tethered shooting or intelligent preview (A900/A850); some shooting functions even make multiple actuations such as sweep panorma, multi shot iso mode, hand-held twilight even though only one image is recorded in the end.

Sony Nex 5t Shutter Count


Sony Nex 7 Shutter Count

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