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EOSCount allows you to read a shutter counter from a Canon EOS DSLR (DIGIC III and later) camera. It can also sync a camera clock to your PC's clock. Reasons to retrieve a camera's shutter count include: confirm that a new camera is truly new (shutter count 0). Free Shutter Count is a lightweight program that can read the hardware information stored in your Canon EOS DSLR camera. The application can read the shutter count and thus determine how many times. The utility is for windows users, is free and will work on most recent Canon EOS Digital Cameras (models since 2010). Informations can be read from a USB-con. Unifi dream machine nordvpn.

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03-30-2021, 03:57 AM #1
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Pentax Program A SLR - shutter mafunction
I have a Pentax Program A SLR that hasn't been used for a about 2 decades. All that time it was kept closed in appropriate environmental conditions.
Recently I wanted to start reusing it. Batteries compartment cleaned and new batteries inserted, and seems to be good since I can see through the viewfinder the Shutter and Aperture information displayed on the LCDs.
New film was inserted correctly, and using the film wind lever I've forwarded the film to the required position.
Yet.. while trying to shoot pictures, whether in Auto or Manual modes, nothing happens. I press the Shutter Release button but the shutter doesnt move..
I can't figure out what is the reason why the shutter doesn't respond and how can this be fixed.
I'd appreciate any suggestion.
Thanks !!
03-30-2021, 06:37 AM - 1 Like #2

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Are you shure you have winded the film fully, and the dial is not in lock position.
Leaviing a camera unused for this long may seize parts inside as grease dies up, or electrical parts get oxidized. So you may need to send it in for a CLA.
03-30-2021, 09:47 AM #3
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Thanks for the response.
Yes, I have winded the film (up to frmae #6 in the dial), and the dial is not stuck nor in lock position.
I wondered if there's something I can do myself (check / clean) before sending it to repair (which I don't know if will be cost-efective).
03-30-2021, 10:59 AM #4
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Winds but doesn’t fire? My Program Plus has that problem and unfortunately I sent it to Eric Hendrickson and he sent it back saying dead electronics, can’t fix. I think that’s a common downfall of those cameras. I hope yours has a different, fixable problem but at least they’re still pretty cheap if you want to replace it.
Good luck.
Edit - to be clear, I don’t remember if the film advance on mine worked or not because you theoretically only get to wind the film once unless you can trip the shutter. Mine was put away for 20 years and when I got it out, it wouldn’t wind the films and shutter wouldn’t release. Maybe your issue is different.
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03-31-2021, 12:55 AM #5
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Thanks for your response.
Mine seems to function well, lcds work, film winds using the lever, everything looks fine.. Yet, the shutter doesn't respond while pressing the shutter release button. So frustrating.
03-31-2021, 08:43 PM #6
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It seems odd that the camera will allow you to continue to wind the film without releasing the shutter. If so that would give me hope that your problem is different than mine was and hopefully fixable. Can’t remember but I think my mirror might have been locked up too.
Ultimately though it’s an electronic shutter and not being able to trigger it sounds concerning. Did you try activating the shutter before you put film in? Maybe carefully wind the film back into the canister. Typically you can tell when the film releases from the take up spool. Stop winding there so the leader doesn’t get pulled into the film canister. Take out the film and see if the shutter looks ok and if the camera operates without film in it.
On mine, the electronics weren’t completely dead. I do remember getting readings on the LCD.
There are some threads on this site with similar issues. Not sure about a solution though

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need help! black program plus shutter stuck!! -
04-02-2021, 02:10 AM #7
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The lcd works. enclosed pic. so electronics seems to work (at least partially).
Shutter seems clean, yet I havn't been able to activate it, whether with film or with film removed from the camera.
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04-02-2021, 05:52 AM #8
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Does it have a “X” setting, I forget whether that camera has a full manual, mechanically timed speed or not.
04-02-2021, 11:09 AM #9
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It’s a fully electronic shutter. With a dead battery you don’t even get flash sync speed like you do with some cameras.

«Viewfinder brightness on KP MX - 'lock lever' won't lock the shutter button»

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