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I have owned an original X100 without the shutter count facility and an X100S with it. The X100S shutter count seemed to work out at around 6 times the image number (I know that various actions other than pressing the shutter button contribute to this). I understand that for the X100T the indicated shutter count was about 1.5 times the image number so obviously, Fuji are aware of this confusing issue. So my question to all those owners of the new X100F is how does the indicated shutter count compare with the number of images taken.

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Mar 16, 2017 The X100F can focus much closer than any other fuji camera, like a macro effect. When you shoot macro, you tend to stop down as the depth of field becomes so small that things will look out of focus. I believe this is the soft effect people are getting when they focus up close with the X100 series. Fuji X100F Camera, Pristine Condition, 3900 Shutter Count. Apr 05, 2017 This Fuji system has optically better lenses than the Pentax 645 system. The Fuji zoom is the weakest, and it's still optically better than what Pentax offers for its MF bodies. Right the 645Z has a good optical VF, the Fuji has a just excellent EVF. Point by point outline conclusion. Both have their strengths, and weaknesses. The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is a radical reworking of the first X-Series mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It may look essentially the same but just about every aspect of the camera has been refreshed, extended and enhanced. Read our full review to find out what these changes amount to.