Rough Outline

Synonyms for rough outline include rough diamond, design, diamond in the rough, first draft, first stab, mock-up, raw material, rough sketch, study and unlicked cub. Find more similar words at! Remember that your outline should serve as a rough idea of how your paper will develop; it does not have to be very formal or exact. This is a rough idea of the format an outline can have: Main idea. Secondary or supporting idea to main idea I. Secondary or supporting idea to main idea I. Secondary idea to B. Secondary idea to B.


Rough Outline Format


rough outline.

Rough Outline Definition

  1. Life at home, an early emancipation. Decided to come back after a couple of years, simply for lack of money, a support network. Old friends overseas. Certain person in mind but it's the usual thing where their presence is more felt by remembering them through the more poignant memories, contriving them in your head.


  2. The patriarch is dead. Takes up residence with uncle and cousin. Reintegrating into a certain life they were always ambivalent about. Old secrets resurface. There's another face of a person in the back of their mind, whether of their old life or new, that seems to make them feel like they should just run away, whether or not to find them.

  3. Present day, getting ready to leave. Describing in little pastiches how it was probably better to stay away. Thinking of always extending a point of contact to the person they think about. A strained relationship with cousin. Lives alone, only ever wants to write.