Razer Synapse 1 Mac

One of the best features of the Razer Mouse is its capability to record and assign macros to its programmable buttons.

Macros are recordings of a series of actions performed by the user with his or her device. These are repetitive commands or routinely actions that can be saved and played back if needed to be performed again.

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When playing games, there are a lot of commands that need to be used repetitively, such as move-set combos in fighting games, a series of skills in team battles, or attack combos in RPG games. All these sequences of commands can be saved into one action and assigned to your mouse buttons so that you can have an advantage in skill execution. The quicker you execute, the faster you kill.

To create macros on your Razer mouse:

    1. A macro will appear on the macro list. Click on the “Record” option on the middle field of the Synapse window.
    2. If you want to key in a hotkey for the macro, type it on the “Shortcut Key” field provided.
    3. Click on the “START” button. Razer Synapse will prompt you to start recording in 3 seconds. Once it’s ready, start performing the actions you want to record.
    1. Once you’re done with your actions, click “STOP” to end the recording process.
    1. You can rename the macro by clicking on the listed ‘’macro name”, type in the new name, then hit enter or click on the check (✔) icon.
    Razer synapse 1 mac

    Razer Synapse 1 Mac Download

    1. If you want to delete a macro, click the (..) button and select “DELETE”. Razer Synapse will ask you to confirm the deletion, click “Yes” if you are sure to delete the macros.

    Is Razer Synapse Compatible With Mac

    1. To delete a command within the macro, click on the delete icon that appears when you point your cursor on the command.