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I’ve read through multiple forum threads discussing home videos, but I’m still not sure how to do it right.

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There are several challenges. First, home videos come in all sorts (and I’m only interested in family videos, not some other videos, like lectures, presentations, etc.). Some videos cover repeating events (birthdays, holiday, vacations, etc), some are random (a toddler learning to use a spoon). Since they come from different devices (cell phones, DSLRs) they may be in different formats (some may support or contain metadata, some may not). There may be longer videos (school performance), or shorter ones (child learning to walk). There may be multiple videos for some events (a few videos from a walk in the park), and some may be covered by a single video file. So how do you make it work in PLEX?


Can someone share what worked for you? How do you store the files on the hard drive (how do you name them, how do you group them)? How do you add videos to PLEX (as TV shows, movies, something else; do you have separate libraries for different types)? How do you define metadata to make these videos easy to find in the PLEX app? Is there a chance that PLEX will make a better category for home video libraries?


Plex Personal Media

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