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I want to add a network folder that I can access in windows file explorer, to a PLEX library. Whatever I try I get the message:-

What is the Best Asustor NAS for a Plex Media Server? You can sign up to PLEX Premium for. I have installed PLEX and it was super easy to use with all of my movies and television shows. I have had as many as three tv's streaming at the same time and no stutter after buffer releases stream. The amount of apps available from Asustor is top notch. I also used Acronis to back up files and image hard drives to the NAS and it works flawlessly.

'There are no items in Library'

When in fact there are files. I can play the files and map the folder to windows Film & TV App.

I have mapped the drive with a drive letter; I have used the UNC path in the PLEX library, but files are still not found.
I am running PLEX on my ASUSTORE NAS. The Folder I want in the library is not on the NAS but another device on the network.

Any searches I have done have not helped.

Best answer: No, the ASUSTOR AS6508T is not a good NAS for Plex, simply because its Intel processor is too weak for transcoding.

Asustor Plex Transcoding

  • Solid NAS overall: ASUSTOR AS6508T ($1,097 at Newegg)
  • Better for 4K on Plex: Synology 1019+ ($650 at Amazon)
Asustor plex setup

Not the best from Intel

Intel's Atom C3538 (clocked at 2.1Ghz) isn't a particularly powerful processor. It's 64-bit, has multiple cores, and doesn't have an issue with maintaining its rated clock speed, but there simply isn't enough performance here for 4K on Plex. Unfortunately, the ASUSTOR AS6508T has this processor, making the NAS for Plex a hard sell.

The issue with the ASUSTOR AS6508T is that it's an incredibly capable NAS aside from the CPU. I'm talking dual 2.5Gb and 10Gb LAN ports. That's madness for a consumer-grade NAS for the home and small office, but all these features are focused on file storage as opposed to media consumption.

One should aim for an Intel Celeron CPU at the very least. The latest Celeron processors in NAS models are capable of transcoding even 4K content without much of a stutter, though that's a single stream mind you. This isn't something you can hope for with NAS models that rock six bays or more. The majority of them come with this lesser CPUs. Vpn free nord.

Choosing the right NAS for Plex

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Picking up a better-equipped NAS for Plex is a must if you plan on streaming plenty of 4K content. Pick a smaller NAS with up to 6 bays, and you should be able to score a decent Intel CPU. Something like the Synology DS1019+ would be a better fit. You only sacrifice three bays, still allowing you to install plenty of storage capacity.

This NAS, for instance, has an Intel Celeron J3455 CPU (clocked at between 1.5 and 2.3 GHz) and is a much better fit for Plex playback. It even supports 4K transcoding with positive results. This NAS also supports expansion, so don't worry if you feel the five bays a little restricting to begin with.


Plex Asustor Nas

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You're going to need the ASUSTOR AS6508T to upgrade the RAM. If you're looking for an 8-bay NAS with M.2 SSD slots and an Intel processor, this is a solid example. It's a killer mid-tier NAS for the home or small office.

Synology 1019+

Asustor As5304t Manual

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Asustor As5304t Plex

The Synology DS1019+ is better suited to Plex media simply because it has a far better Intel processor with better hardware transcoding support.