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The popular media hosting and streaming platform Plex has started testing Apple TV app integration. Once it’s fully developed, this feature will allow users to find Plex content through the TV application on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Nov 02, 2015 First released way back in 2007 (the same year Plex started), the original Apple TV didn’t support any apps beyond the ones Apple provided. Three years later, in 2010, the second generation of the device was released and subsequently jailbroken, and a barebones third party Plex app was written. Apple TV 4K connected Direct to TV Display Has to be Set to 4K [email protected] Dynamic Range On and Match frame rate On to Direct Stream 4K HDR MKV in Plex 4K HDR MKV does not require HVC1 tag to Direct Stream in Plex. List of my issues and findings I have also attached the xml containing info of a movie with DTS audio.

Plex And Apple Tv Streaming

Update: A Plex employee on Reddit has explained more about what this means:

“This feature will only work with our free on demand movies and TV shows. We’d love to integrate personal media as well but that’s not technically possible for a couple reasons. To make this work we provide Apple with a list of content we have available for streaming. As detailed in our privacy policy, we don’t know what content our users have in their personal media libraries.”

The TV app serves multiple purposes, and one of those purposes is to serve as a hub for content from other streaming applications. The Apple TV app can surface content from apps such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, making it easy to track what you’re watching in a single app, then jump out to individual apps to actually watch the content.

Plex’s testing of TV app integration was first spotted by friend of the site Will Sigmon, who shared it on Twitter yesterday. The TV app integration has surfaced in the latest TestFlight beta of the Plex app.

What this means is that content that you have in Plex will now appear in the TV app and in places like your Up Next queue. When you connect Plex with the Apple TV app, you’ll see the following explanation:

Start watching by connecting Plex.

This participating app will share what you watch with Apple.


Your playback, searches, purchases, and device trust score are used to personalize your experience, improve that of others, send you notifications, and prevent fraud.

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Plex Apple Tv 4k

Plex and apple tv app

The integration does not appear to be fully rolled out just yet. Sigmon reports that content he has stored on his Plex server doesn’t consistently show up to play through with the TV application.

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One possibility here is that Plex is only planning on integrating content that it offers through its streaming service with the TV app, not content that users store on their servers. Plex debuted its own streaming service in 2019, offering users a variety of free TV shows and movies, and it could be that it is only planning on making that content available through the TV app, not user-hosted content from individual servers.


Unfortunately, the TestFlight beta for Plex is at capacity and no additional users can be added. It’s unclear what Plex’s timeline is for a release to the general public, but it should be available when version 7.14 is released to the App Store.

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Version 7.12 is now available.

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Plex Apple Tv 4k Direct Play

  • EPG would sometimes not refresh after the device returns from sleep.
  • Fixed an issue where custom home screens could have additional hubs added unexpectedly.
  • Fixed crash that could occur while pinning sources in the sidebar.
  • Fixed some scroll performance issues with Library screens.
  • Posters for content from Movies and TV On Plex shown on the Apple TV home screen were sometimes low quality.
  • Pressing left and right on third party remotes now jumps forward and back, and holding left and right begins a rewind / fast-forward.
  • Related content was missing for episodes in the season view.
  • Seekprint curves made smoother during music playback.
  • Sometimes content rows would scroll unnecessarily when returning to the home screen.
  • Sometimes pressing menu from Settings in the sidebar wouldn’t return Home correctly as expected.
  • TV episode information has been moved higher in the season list.
  • The Stop button is now supported on third party remotes.
  • The wrong item would sometimes be focused when returning to the home screen.
  • Titles on the home screen would sometimes disappear.
  • Sign in with Apple could sometimes not successfully log in.
  • A registration screen could show to logged in users after playing back certain content.