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This PostgreSQL tutorial explains how to use the PostgreSQL INSERT statement with syntax and examples.

PHP will return values of PostgreSQL boolean datatype as single character strings 't' and 'f', not PHP true and false. Editor's Note 't' or 'f' is valid boolean expression for PostgreSQL. All values from PostgreSQL are strings, since PostgreSQL integer, float may be much larger than PHP's native int, double can handle. Pgputline — Send a NULL-terminated string to PostgreSQL backend pgqueryparams — Submits a command to the server and waits for the result, with the ability to pass parameters separately from the SQL command text.


  1. Py-postgresql: BSD any (pure Python) 3.0+ yes no 2018 Pure Python with optional C accelerator modules,extensive custom API. PyGreSQL: BSD Unix, Win32 2.6 thru 3.6 yes yes 2017 The first PostgreSQL adapter for Python. Still actively maintained. Ocpgdb: BSD Unix 2.3-2.6 yes yes 2010 PG8.1+ bpgsql: LGPL any (pure Python) 2.3-2.
  2. I'm trying to run postgresql in a pure systemd machine. I've done a fresh install of postgresql using pacman as instructed in the wiki. However when i try to start the service i get the following.

The PostgreSQL INSERT statement is used to insert a single record or multiple records into a table in PostgreSQL.


The syntax for the PostgreSQL INSERT statement when inserting record(s) using the VALUES keyword is:


The syntax for the INSERT statement when inserting a single record using the DEFAULT VALUES keyword in PostgreSQL is:


The syntax for the INSERT statement when inserting multiple records using a sub-select in PostgreSQL is:


Parameters or Arguments

The table to insert the records into.
column1, column2
The columns in the table to insert values.
expression1 DEFAULT, expression2 DEFAULT
Used in the first syntax. These are the values to assign to the columns in the table. If expression1 is specified, then column1 would be assigned the value of expression1, column2 would be assigned the value of expression2, and so on. If DEFAULT is specified, the corresponding column will be populated with its default value.
Used in the second syntax. All columns will be populated with their default values.
Used in the third syntax. It is the source table when inserting data from another table.
WHERE conditions
Optional. Used in the third syntax. They are the conditions that must be met for the records to be inserted.


  • When inserting records into a table using the PostgreSQL INSERT statement, you must provide a value for every NOT NULL column.
  • You can omit a column from the PostgreSQL INSERT statement if the column allows NULL values.

Example - Using VALUES keyword

The simplest way to create a PostgreSQL INSERT query to list the values using the VALUES keyword.

For example:

This PostgreSQL INSERT statement would result in one record being inserted into the contacts table. This new record would have a contact_id of 250, a last_name of 'Anderson', first_name of 'Jane', and whatever the default value is for the country field.

You could use the syntax above to insert more than one record at a time.

For example:

This PostgreSQL INSERT statement would result in two records being inserted into the contacts table. The first record would have a contact_id of 250, a last_name of 'Anderson', first_name of 'Jane', and whatever the default value is for the country field. The second record would have a contact_id of 251, a last_name of 'Smith', a first_name of 'John' and a country of 'US'.

This would be equivalent to the following two INSERT statements:

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Example - Using DEFAULT VALUES keyword

In PostgreSQL, you can also insert a record into a table using the DEFAULT VALUES syntax.

For example:

This PostgreSQL INSERT statement would result in one record being inserted into the contacts table. This new record would be created with default values for the contact_id, last_name, first_name, and country fields.

Php Postgresql

Example - Using sub-select

You can also create more complicated PostgreSQL INSERT statements using sub-selects.

For example:

Php Postgresql Tutorial

By placing a SELECT statement within the INSERT statement, you can perform multiples inserts quickly.

With this type of insert, you may wish to check for the number of rows being inserted. You can determine the number of rows that will be inserted by running the following PostgreSQL SELECT statement before performing the insert.

PostgreSQL Downloads

PostgreSQL is available for download as ready-to-use packages or installers forvarious platforms, as well as a source code archive if you want to build ityourself.

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Beta/RC Releases and development snapshots (unstable)

Postgresql 9.6 Download

There are source code and binary packagesof beta and release candidates, and of the current development code availablefor testing and evaluation of new features. Note that these builds shouldbe used for testing purposes only, and not for production systems.

3rd party distributions

Machine Learning and Data Visualization with PostgreSQL

Download 2UDA for Windows, macOS, and Linux - certified by 2ndQuadrant for all supported versions of PostgreSQL.

2ndQuadrant Unified Data Analytics (2UDA) is a data analytics application suite that unifies databases, machine learning, data mining, and visualization. The application can be installed using a user-friendly, one-click desktop installer. 2UDA builds on the capabilities of Orange, an open source machine learning and data visualization tool, by integrating it with the PostgreSQL database.

Ready to run stacks

'LAPP', 'MAPP' and 'WAPP' (Linux/Mac/Windows + Apache + PHP + PostgreSQL)stacks are available fromBitNami.

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There is much software available that is not bundled with PostgreSQL. The SoftwareCatalogue offers a listing of many commercial and Open Source applications, interfaces and extensions to PostgreSQLthat you may find useful.

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