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Online game development is our primary specialty at The Dimension's Edge, Inc. We have designed and built dozens of online games in order to drive traffic to our clients' websites. Here are just a few samples of projects we have worked on.

PHP Training and Tutorials. Designed for intermediate users, our PHP tutorials can help you learn PHP inside and out. Laravel 8 registration login. Find out how to use PHP with a MySQL database, and how to know if you should use CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, or CakePHP as your framework. PHP MLM Software 2.0.1: Gauss Siedel Iterative Method 1.0: Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond: Frequent Itemset Searching in Data Mining 1.0: Scholarship Award System 1.2.71b: Ez Paypal Clone 7.4.2: TorrentFlux for Download Managers 2.3: Azizi search engine script PHP 4.1.10: IP Address Widget 1.1: HTML.

IntellectualEyes *NEW*
A fun and addictive game that will challenge the mind.
Halloween Hangman
A fun and scary little game to get you into the spirit of Halloween.
Fruit Muncher
Chomp as much fruit as you can but watch out because this fruit fights back!
Scary Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun project that we did in conjunction with the folks at Paws, Inc. It is a scavenger hunt where you guide Garfield around a haunted house looking for items.
Scout Bowling
Practice your skills with this addictive online bowling game.
Reindeer Roundup
Any game that has Santa Claus with a blowgun shooting reindeer has to be good.
Chuck E. Cheese's
Skateboard Challenge

Work your way passed various obstacles in this challenging game created for the Chuck E. Cheese website.
Ping Pong

Go one-on-one in this online ping pong game that we developed with Paws, Inc.
A Measure of Treasure
Weigh gems so that each pirate gets his fair share of treasure..or else.
Cub Scout
Rocket Racer

Test your ability to pilot a rocket on mars while racing against time.
Super Beanbag Toss
Test your aim as you work to throw beanbags at moving targets.
Whitewater Rafting
This is an addictive little game designed for the Boy Scouts of America to go on the Boy's Life website. The game tests your skills against nature (computer simulated nature anyway).
Chuck E. Cheese's
Pizza Panic

This game was developed for Chuck E. Cheese's website. The player earns points by catching slices of pizza as they fall.
Dream Racer

This is a game we developed with Paws, Inc. and is one of the first racing games ever created using Flash technology.

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Sheep Shot

How can you go wrong with a game featuring Garfield, a sling shot, and lots of sheep? Garfield's Sheep Shot was developed with Paws, Inc. and is way more fun than cow tipping (not that we would really know).

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Super Jigsaw Puzzle
Engine Samples

These sample puzzles were created using our Super Jigsaw Puzzle Engine which can build a puzzle from a standard JPEG file. Contact us for pricing.
This is a fun little game where you need to match various hieroglyphics in order to complete each level.
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