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  1. Php Exit For
  2. Php End Foreach Loop

Break/continue in a foreach loop Powershell

ForeachPhp Exit ForeachPhp Exit Foreach

Php Exit For

The foreach loop in PHP is used to access key-value pairs of an array. This loop only works with arrays and you do not have to initialise any loop counter or set any condition for exiting from the loop, everything is done implicitly (internally) by the loop. PHP BasicPHP Syntax PHP Echo PHP Comments PHP Variables PHP Strings PHP Constants PHP Operators PHP Functions PHP If, Else, ElseIf PHP Switch PHP Arrays PHP While Loop PHP - Do While loop PHP For loop PHP Foreach loop PHP Break, Continue and Goto PHP Files PHP Include and Require commands.

How to use break and continue in a foreach loop in Powershell

# Use break to get out of the loop
$files=Get-ChildItem C:PSfolder -File
if($file.Name -like'*.ps1')
break# exit the foreach loop
# Use continue to skip the rest of a loop but go onto the next iteration
$files=Get-ChildItem C:PSfolder -File
if($file.Name -like'*.ps1')
continue# exit and go tho the next item in foreach
'This code will be skipped'
'This isn't a powershell file: $file'
Php break foreach and return

Php End Foreach Loop

On 9 srp, 12:06, Erwin Moller
<[email protected] yourself.comwrote:
Ivan S schreef:
I'm using next snippet:
$somearray = array(..);
foreach($somearray as $item1) {
* * * foreach($item1 as $item2) {
* * * * * * // .. do something ..
* * *}
..and I'm getting next error:
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
on second foreach.

Hi Ivan,
Nothing wrong with your code.
The two foreach constructs should be no problem.
I expect that the original array isn't containing what you expect it to
Since you use a foreach on every value in the $somearray, this array
should contain of arrays itself.
Test that like *this:
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';
Erwin Moller
This works on PHP 5, but on PHP 4 I get that error (in Apache logs),
but site seems to work ok.
Is there any way to avoid that error?

Hi Erwin. :)
Your advice helped, some items in $somearray weren't arrays it self,
that was reason why i got errors reported.
Thanks for your help.