Php 7.3

Current Stable PHP 8.0.5 (Changelog)

  • php-8.0.5.tar.gz(sig) [15,741Kb] 29 Apr 202150aeac6fe9c2b5577d534369392ebb89c3e7a342b20ef538832b1df996cccb2a
  • php-8.0.5.tar.bz2(sig) [12,659Kb] 29 Apr 2021195d934febefaac3b19ac586679149759324a434411ae8aca6f7d87553ef08e0
  • php-8.0.5.tar.xz(sig) [10,416Kb] 29 Apr 20215dd358b35ecd5890a4f09fb68035a72fe6b45d3ead6999ea95981a107fd1f2ab

Includi: Apache 2.4.46, MariaDB 10.4.18, PHP 7.3.27, phpMyAdmin 5.1.0, OpenSSL 1.1.1, XAMPP Control Panel 3.2.4, Webalizer 2.23-04, Mercury Mail Transport System 4.63. PHP PGO build for maximum performance (old) amd64 (x8664) Builds. See all results for this question. PHP 7 provides full 64-bit support. The x64 builds of PHP 7 support native 64-bit integers, LFS, 64-bit memorylimit and much more. X64 builds are recommended (almost all Windows installations support x64). Long and multibyte path. PHP 7.1+ supports long and UTF-8 paths.

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Current Stable PHP 7.4.18 (Changelog)

  • php-7.4.18.tar.gz(sig) [16,213Kb] 29 Apr 202131a8a4a6e7d641f014749cef21421a6d1c9aaba6dce884e181a3370a8e69a04d
  • php-7.4.18.tar.bz2(sig) [12,512Kb] 29 Apr 20212e455932e9c6f5889b1dc879f36fdd5744eaf1ff572b1b778958cbb8f5c1842f
  • php-7.4.18.tar.xz(sig) [10,099Kb] 29 Apr 2021ab97f22b128d21dcbc009b50a37aaea0051b2721cbcd122d9e00e6ffc3c4b7e1
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Old Stable PHP 7.3.28 (Changelog)

  • php-7.3.28.tar.gz(sig) [19,216Kb] 29 Apr 20211f0d9b94e1b11518ffabd19b646c2fee95ea42ca9cd8d337f8d07986fdceede1
  • php-7.3.28.tar.bz2(sig) [14,791Kb] 29 Apr 20218f636e644594388436ea05ff34c9eb135e6dc119c1130199e9488d5795439964
  • php-7.3.28.tar.xz(sig) [11,855Kb] 29 Apr 2021a2a84dbec8c1eee3f46c5f249eaaa2ecb3f9e7a6f5d0604d2df44ff8d4904dbe
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GPG Keys

The releases are tagged and signed in the PHP Git Repository.The following official GnuPG keys of the current PHP Release Manager can be usedto verify the tags:

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PHP 7.3

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Check the supported versions page for more information on the support lifetime of each version of PHP.