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Easily arrange and manage macOS apps with Parallels Toolbox one-click tool Window Manager Whether you’re a macOS lover or a Windows fanatic, chronic multitaskers often have several applications or programs running at the same time—not to mention the dozens of. Parallels Tools are located on disc images that are installed together with Parallels Desktop. There is a separate Parallels Tools disc image for each type of the supported guest operating systems. Prl-tools-win.iso - disc image with Parallels Tools for Windows guest operating systems. Someone you know has invited you to try out Parallels Toolbox - a lightweight, powerful and easy-to-use set of tools designed to simplify your everyday tasks. To get started, download now: Download Parallels Toolbox for Windows Download Parallels Toolbox for Mac.

Deal with common tasks in a time efficient manner by using this tools collection that features multiple apps that can be accessed through the same user interface

What's new in Parallels Toolbox 4.5.0 Build 3860:

  • New design:
  • Quickly access your favorite and recently used tools in the new Dashboard.
  • See all tools and their descriptions in the new Library that is one click away.
  • Easily build your own tool set from the tools in the Library.
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Parallels Toolbox brings to the table a collection of minimalist utilities designed to deal with everyday tasks that most users need to perform on a regular basis.


The Parallels Toolbox app essentially provides a well-organized and easily accessible user interface for accessing the companion tools collection.

Keep efficient tools one click away, within the status bar, or access them via the Finder

Parallels toolbox windows 10

Parallels Toolbox comes with an installer package that places the app together with the entire tools collection in your Applications directory. Each of these tools will be displayed in the Parallels Toolbox main panel, and you can launch them with one mouse click.


Note that you are not required to manage the utilities only through the Parallels Toolbox interface: you can navigate to the respective folder and launch any of the included tools just like you would do with any other app.

However, to help you understand which tools are currently active or not, Parallels Toolbox will modify the icon’s color: gray for inactive, and red when active. Moreover, the app’s icons will also be included in the Dock (there is no option to deactivate this behavior).

Deal with routine tasks without having to perform complex configurations

Within the Parallels Toolbox library you can find tools for archiving and unarchiving packages, recording the screen or audio content, capturing screenshots, setting timers, counters, or alarms, converting videos to make them iPhone or non-retina iPad compatible, or download new video content.

Parallels Toolbox

In addition, you can block all notifications by activating the “Do Not Disturb” function, prevent your Mac from sleep, hide the desktop, lock the screen, or mute the microphone.

Parallels Toolbox offers you the possibility to deal with these tasks in an intuitive manner and most tools perform the assignments with little to none user intervention (the customization options are reduced to a minimum).

Take care of repetitive jobs without wasting time or resources

Bottom line, Parallels Toolbox brings to the table a collection of small tools focused on dealing with specific tasks. The tools can be managed via the Parallels Toolbox companion app, or you can launch them individually.

Some of the items included in the Parallels Toolbox collection feature separate panels where you can quickly configure the tool, while the app keeps track of the favorite and active utilities to make them more easily accessible.

Note that Parallels Toolbox is intended to be a companion utility for the other Parallels applications, but you can also get it as a standalone utility.

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Parallels Toolbox 4.5.0 Build 3860

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