Odac For Visual Studio 2019

Oracle developer tools for visual studio

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio

Odac For Visual Studio 2019

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2019 is a free Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to connect to your Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database, browse and modify schema objects and data, edit and debug PL/SQL, generate SQL deployment scripts, perform schema comparisons, tune SQL and .NET app performance, and more. Use Oracle Cloud Explorer to easily create an Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database instance in the cloud and begin developing your database app in minutes.

These tools are a required component to enable development with Entity Designer and Table Adapter Configuration Wizard. Use these tools with Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Database servers on any platform (Linux, Unix, Windows).

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio. Windows Dev Center. Developer Center. Microsoft developer program. Office Dev Center. Microsoft Garage.
  2. Let’s say the 32-bit version of ODAC has been unzipped to d: oracle ODAC32. In this case, we’ll open Windows Powershell (or a command prompt) with administrative privileges and set the current directory to d: Oracle Odac32 oledb bin and call the correct 32 bit version of regsvr32, which is C: Windows SysWOW64 regsvr32.exe OraOLEDB11.dll.

Note: This extension requires Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4.2 or later. Please check your version of Visual Studio 2019 before installing.

Key Features

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  • Oracle Autonomous Database Integration

    View and Manage your Oracle Autonomous Databases from Server Explorer. You can quickly create no cost Always Free Autonomous Database instances from Visual Studio, automatically download credentials files and be connected to the database to work on code within minutes. Try out Always Free ADB today! To learn more, view this step-by-step walkthrough.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Application Deployment

    Deploy your applications to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) using an integrated wizard. Learn more.

  • Adhoc SQL Execution, Data Editing, Stored Procedure Testing

    When testing your .NET application you can use the Oracle Data Window to insert and update Oracle data. There's also a testbed for testing stored procedures and an Oracle Query Window for executing any SQL statement you choose.

  • Browse and modify an Oracle Schema

    Use Server Explorer to connect to and browse your Oracle schema and view and modify data. Then launch one of many Oracle designers and wizards to create and alter schema objects.

  • PL/SQL Editor and Debugger

    Leverage all of your favorite Visual Studio debugging features from within PL/SQL code. You can even seamlessly step from your .NET code into your PL/SQL stored procedure code and back out again!

  • SQL Script Editor and Execution Engine

    Edit Oracle SQL*Plus scripts and run them from inside Visual Studio.

  • SQL Script Lifecycle with Source Control Integration

    Generate SQL scripts for Oracle schema objects that your .NET application uses, manage them in an Oracle Database Project, check them into source control, edit the scripts in the Oracle SQL Editor, and execute them with a built in SQL*Plus execution engine.

  • Oracle Database Project

    Store a set of SQL scripts representing your schema in Oracle Database Project and check them into source control. Build a single SQL deployment script that takes dependencies into consideration.

  • Schema Compare Tools

    View differences between two schemas and generate a diff script that can modify a target schema to match the source schema. Compare live database instances and/or an Oracle Database Project containing a set of SQL scripts representing a schema.

  • SQL Tuning and Application Tuning tools

    Use Oracle Performance Analyzer to tune your .NET application's use of Oracle Database via a single click of a button. Expressvpn-stops-plex-server-running. The database is then monitored under load and recommendations are made. You can also execute and tune ad-hoc SQL statements in Query Window with SQL Tuning Advisor.

Oracle Odac For Visual Studio 2019

  • Multitenant Container Database Features

    Developers using Oracle Database can easily and quickly create, clone, plug or unplug pluggable databases for use during development and testing.

  • Online Help

    The Oracle SQL and PL/SQL User Guides, Oracle Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide and Error Messages and Codes are available as online help and searchable.

  • Entity Designer and Table Adapter Configuration Wizard

    These tools provide integration with built in Visual Studio data features and are required if you wish to use these designers and wizards.

Odac For Visual Studio 2019

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