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How do you use the outlining tools in modern notes apps?

I've tried Notion (I've tried most PIMs since 2003) but it didn't fit my brain / what I wanted to do with it. Not enough structure yet too constraining. The closest I've found is Workflowy, but it's just that bit too basic. I store all web clippings in Evernote and hope to find what I want one day. 2020年了,你的笔记有 “双向链接” 吗?今年笔记软件最火的关键词是双向链接,这一关键词源于 Roam Research 的出现(当然 Roam有双栏显示和网络图等多个功能,双链接只是一个突出点),而创始人 Conor 在一次研. Workflowy / Dynalist to Notion I have been using Dynalist (and previously Workflowy) for many years now and have built up a repository of nested notes. I use the bullet point format, and expand & contract as a way of navigating through different areas of life, different clients in the business, etc.

In Roam Research, everything's an outline. Press enter to make a new line, and it's a new bullet. Notion and Coda hide it a bit—new lines still look like new lines—but they act like outlines, where you can drag any paragraph to reorder them, or press tab to indent and make sub-points.

Notion Workflowy

Somehow as wikis took over note taking and software quit treating digital documents like paper, outlines took over too.

But has that changed how you write notes? Do you now outline things more than before, or did you always outline things with bullet points in earlier notes apps anyhow? Do you find the outline style better than writing in paragraphs?

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7 months ago

Outlining and bullet lists have always been how any piece of my writing starts, so this trend has mainly made my setup easier. Previously this always meant multiple documents: like a different piece of physical paper for each stage of the outline or list or separate versions of the document. When I started using Notion for writing, that morphed into just jumping to the right part of the outline and adding more information.

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7 months ago

Most of what I write starts in Notion as an outline where I'm moving around bullet points until I like the flow. Then I'll start writing the actual piece in paragraphs below the outline. Farming sim steam. That draft is then copied and pasted into Grammarly for clean-up.

Now if I could just get Grammarly to work inside Notion..

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7 months ago

They did actually. I started using Notion as a secondary tool for my side projects. I kept all my documentation previously on good notes. But now I use notion for literally everything (its the only software i pay yearly for because I know i wont stop paying for it for a long long long time). I think once u get the hang of it, it becomes a lot faster to type & structure ur thoughts on notion rather than a pen and paper. I think i type faster than i write and previously the problem with notes apps.etc was that after i am done typing i had to revisit the note to actually make sense of it. it just does these weird formatting things and i cant be bothered to fix while i am taking notes(specially in meetings or lectures).

I also use roam, but only for research. My use case for roam is when i dk exactly what i am looking to get out of my writing. An example for this would be doing background research for my newsletter, roam becomes very powerful cuz it connects the dots between my prev research and the one am doing now. I almost ALWAYS find interesting connection and my writing becomes more insightful as a result. Roam feels a bit slower though than notion, if i am transcribing smth live, the {{}} and double links become a bit distracting ( i cant always remember the exact way i described a tag/page and end up doing a quick search to make sure i am not duplicating the same ideas under different names) it also doesnt have a native app. I HATE BROWSER APPS.

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