Multi Rename Tool

  • PowerRename is a bulk renaming tool that enables you to: Modify the file names of a large number of files (without renaming all of the files the same name). Perform a search and replace on a targeted section of file names. Perform a regular expression rename on multiple files.
  • MultiFileRenamer is a tool to easily rename multiple files according to multiple rules. These rulesets can be used in different directories, can be stored for later usage and the results can be previewed. Written in C for Windows platforms. NOTE: I recently received reports of problems on Windows 7.
  • With Bulk Rename Command (BRC) you can: Create scheduled jobs using the Windows Scheduler. Perform specific tasks repetitively without user intervention. Download Bulk Rename Command (.ZIP) version for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000. Application files in a compressed zip file (no installer).

It is very annoying, when you need to change extension of multiple files one by one. Luckily, there are possibilities how to do this job easy in just a few minutes and we will show you some of them.

This guide contains three parts :

You can select your the way that fits you best to change file extension of multiple files.

Use Windows command line to change file extension of multiple files

The easiest way how to change file extensions of multiple files without other software is to use command line.

OpenWindows Explorer, create a new folder and copy files that will be renamed to it.

Open command line Start → Accessories → Command line or typecmd.exe to Start menu search bar. In Windows 8 openMetro UItypecmd and pressEnter.

Multi rename tool. Multi rename tool Date: Size:. Full size: 780x538. Parallel port link, multi-rename tool; Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history+favorites buttons; Thumbnails view, custom columns; Compare editor, cursor in lister, separate trees, logging, enhanced overwrite dialog etc. Unicode names almost everywhere, long names (259 characters), password manager for ftp and plugins, synchronize empty.

Navigate to the folder where files are stored and typecommand:

ren *.old file extension *.new file extension or ren *.* *.new file extension

Multi Rename Tool

in our case:

ren *.jpeg *.jpg

Command Prompt ren command syntax for renaming file extensions

Wait a second till Windows renames the file extensions.

Command Prompt renamed file extensions

Use Total Commander to change file extension of multiple files

Disadvantage of the first guide is to have basic knowledge about Windows Command line and its commands. Total Commander for Windows is free and much more comfortable file manager that also contains handy utility for renaming multiple files called Multi-Rename Tool.

Total Commander

Start Total Commander. Navigate to the folder, where are stored files that will be renamed.

Select files by Ins key. If you want to rename all files in the folder you can use * key, or Ctrl+A shortcut to select all files.

Total Commander select files

Go to the Files menu and selectMulti-Rename Tool.. option. You can also use Ctrl+M shortcut.

Total Commander open Multi-Rename Tool

Click in the Extension box, delete the [E] option and type a new file extension, which you want to associate with multiple files.

Multi-Rename Tool main window

Click on Start! button and wait until the Total Commander will rename files.

Use Multi-File Renamer to change file extension of multiple files


There are many free and paid stand-alone file renamers with various features, but we have selected one that is small, free and easy to use for our topic. It is called Multi-File Renamer and is available for free download on . It is distributed as a simple ZIP archive without installation application.

StartMulti-File Renamer and navigate to the folder, where are stored files for renaming.

Multi-File Renamer main window

Select files by Shift+mouse click, Ctrl+mouse click, or all files with Ctrl+A shortcut and selectChange/Add File Extension option in Replace/Remove tab. Click on Rename button.

Multi-File Renamer select files

Typenew file extension to text box and click onOK button.

Multi Rename Tool Linux

Change/Add file extension option

You will see a Preview window with information about old and new file names.

Multi Rename Tool

Multi-file Renamer Preview window

Multi Rename Tool Mac

Click onDo It button and wait until the the renaming job is finished. Plex tv everywhere.