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Nov 27, 2013 MindNode came to the game with a nice, simple mind mapping application with an attractive interface and a price tag of around twenty dollars. It didn't have every feature under the sun but I didn't need every feature under the sun. I needed a place to quickly create simple mind maps for my simple mind. MindNode makes brainstorming easy, fast and stunning. Our powerful features let you capture what's on your mind, without getting in your way. MindNode Pricing is applicable to the ones who wish to take the subscription of MindNode Plus. The MindNode Pricing starts at $2.49 per month and $19.99, billed annually.

In this MindNode review, you’ll realize why this is a content creator’s must-have tool. It’s a free app with a paid option but it’s worth it.

We allow you to take a look at their uniqe benefits, supported devices, customer support, costs, terms, plus more. You may also review their overall score (7.9 for MindNode vs. 8.8 for Mindomo) and overall customer satisfaction level (97% for MindNode vs. 100% for Mindomo).

I totally get it.

Just like me, you’re getting frustrated capturing the amazing ideas popping out inside your head. Crumpled papers with handwritten notes scattered on the floor. Your desk, in chaos.

You want to be organized because nothing makes any sense to you anymore.

I can relate to that.

Though I’ve gone through leading a student council and other organizations in the past, organizing my ideas has been my big issue.

My desk has never been cleaned up or arranged as to how an office should look like. To keep it decently looking, at least, I have a few notebooks placed to capture thoughts. The rest of my stuff disheveled.

To capture them, I had to have a small notebook on my bag or pieces of old grocery receipts to jot them down. But you know, they’re a bit bulky to bring with me all the time.

How Much Does Mindnode Cost

Mindnode Cost

Yet, I needed them. So, I had no choice.

Chaos is an understatement as to how I describe my inner world even until now.

That is why I needed solutions.

I needed solutions to organize my thoughts and see a big idea as I slowly connected the dots. I needed something that could help me see the overall picture.

That’s how I ended up using MindNode, which eventually pushed me to write this review and share the wonderful experience with this tool.

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Now that we’re all set. Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

What Is MindNode?

Developed by Markus Müller-Simhofer in 2011, MindNode is a free mind mapping software that’s available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac launched under IdeasOnCanvas GmbH, which is a Vienna-based company.

According to its official website and about App Store’s description, it is one of the multi-awarded brainstorming applications to date.

Not only did it achieve the “App of the Day” award, but it also garnered the “Editor’s Choice” award.

Hence, it is indeed one of the best mind mapping tools you can find out there. Especially for content creators.

That’s what they say.

How about my experience?

While I sat on the couch beside my work desk last night, I checked it out and downloaded it.

From the beginning, it already gave me a smooth-sailing experience with mapping my crazy ideas, giving me a clear picture of where I’m going.

The sign-up was easy as I went through a short tutorial on how to use MindNode the best.

After a few minutes or so, I was able to immerse myself in its wholesomeness and enjoyed the flow of ideas.

It was incredible.

As I mentioned earlier, MindNode helped me realize the bigger picture of what I’m actually doing for my blog over the past few years by connecting the dots. My failures and small successes. The dots that were once elusive, now clear.

I couldn’t even perfectly describe the experience in words. It was just…amazing. *tears up*

How Does It Work?

After logging in, you see a wide blank space on the screen with a few tools on the top left side and below.

On the top left side, you see 4 icons i.e. MindNode recent notes, exports, outlines, and an option for MindNode Plus (the paid version).

Below, a subnode icon (most left) followed by edit node option, stickers, tags, themes, and styles. Sadly, these tools are only available on a paid version.

Just to show you, I made a quick YouTube video tour of how it looks like when you work on the nodes and its subnodes.

Free Tools I Used For My Site

To use MindNode effectively, it’s best to get familiar with these to help you enjoy it without spending a dime (unless you unlock MindNode Plus).


There are two types of nodes: main node and subnode. Your main node contains the main idea and your subnodes with sub-ideas.

Purple Plus Sign

Click on it to add a node or a subnode. When you add a sub-node, it gives various colors to help segment the ideas. The same thing with the sub-subnodes, which follows the color of the main node.


Spread your fingers on the screen to zoom in and out the nodes. This feature helps you see the main idea with tons of subnodes connecting together.

It’s like seeing an outline through a portable mind map.

MindNode Features – Free & Paid

Now, let’s talk about its features. What does it do to you and your business?

As a content creator, I consider MindNode as a must-have, again, to organize my grand-scale ideas. I tried it once and I fell in love with it. No BS. If I did, I’m confident you will, too.

In general, this tool aids you to transform your grand-scale ideas into actionable steps. Instead of seeing chaos, you achieve clarity.

You suddenly see this indescribable, euphoric feeling when you finally see the purpose of your craziness. You realize that in each node you see commonalities.

If you take a look at the features list, you can see various complicated ideas arranged. That allows you to see the dots as clearly and as conveniently as possible.

Though I only use some of them, MindNode did an amazing job. Kudos.

If they manage to convince me it works for a few features, how much more when you have access to the following?

Visual Tags

1. Add more context to your thoughts

2. Prioritize ideas and bring focus to a related group of ideas

Quick Entry

3. Capture your thoughts as conveniently as possible


4. Keep track on your progress

5. Stay on top of your process (transforming nodes into tasks)

6. Easily sync deadlines, plans, or list via Apple Reminders app


7. See a different perspective on things

8. Creates an outline

9. Display your mind map in a minimalist layout

Focus Mode

10. Blocks any forms of distractions

11. Finish your thought one branch at a time


12. Select a theme that fits your thoughts

13. Adjust the theme you see fit


14. 250+ stickers added to give visual aids to your mind map

Smart Layout

15. Concentrate on getting your thoughts out

16. Keep your thoughts as organized as possible and easy to read


17. Add more information to every node, keeping things relevant and accessible

Dark Mode

18. Keep working without straining your eyes

External Screen Support

19. Connect your iOS device for more space

20. See your mind map on an external, bigger screen

Customizable Panels

21. Display your action panels


22. Export your mind map to different text formats

iCloud Sync

23. Have a copy available to have your mind map on your hand all the time (iPhone to Mac)

Aren’t these features amazing?

How Much Does MindNode Cost?

Mindnode cost estimator

When you take a peek on the pricing plan, you will notice that out of 20, only 4 of them are available on a free version.

That means, only these comprise the free MindNode version:

  1. Create and edit nodes
  2. Fold and reorganize
  3. View as an outline
  4. Import and Export

Five features may appear a little bit unfair, however, they already help a lot in your content creation process.

When I tried it last night, I enjoyed it so much that I felt overwhelmed seeing my goals and visions displayed on the screen.

But if you choose to enjoy what MindNode can do for you at its best, that brings us to the cost you have to pay, which is $2.49 per month or $19.99 per year.

As you can see, you’re saving more money when you pay it annually. To see it clearly, let’s do the math.

$2.49/month x 12 months = $29.88

You pay around $10 more than its annual plan.

If you’re going to ask me, which is better between the two, I’ll recommend paying the annual fee and enjoy MindNode all year long.

If you don’t have a budget and you simply want the free features, that’s also fine. I’m already enjoying the free features as well.

MindNode $2.49/Mo Plan VS $9.99/Mo Plan

There’s also one thing you need to know about MindNode.

Aside from having it available on App Store for free and for $2.49/month (paid version), the company has also made the app available on Setapp with the same subscription model.

What is Setapp and why do you care about it?

It’s like paying a monthly subscription for Netflix. Installshield visual studio 2019.

Setup is just that. It’s a desktop launcher for your Mac app collection of membership.

Let’s say you own a Setapp account, you’re paying $9.99/month to unlock and enjoy using the whole set of features. Simple.

They claim that once you log in to your MindNode account via Setapp, you get the chance to use a fully-unlocked version wherein 190 beautifully designed tools are made available.

How does this differ from the $2.49/month plan?


What MindNode offers you with $2.49/month is the same as with $9.99/month via Setapp.

The price wouldn’t be viable if you only subscribed to one app though. Paying $9.99/month with MindNode included might appear cheaper if you subscribed to a lot of apps using the same platform.

But when it comes to differences between these offers, there’s none to point out because both of these plans have the same features.

In other words, it doesn’t mean that those who only pay $2.49/month don’t get as much as those who pay $9.99/month, alright?

It’s just that the company sees the opportunity by doing this move. It’s how the subscription models work.

The two companies collaborated for MindNode distribution just like how movie companies work together with Netflix for the same reason.

Using the same analogy, that doesn’t mean that the movies shown on theaters aren’t better than on Netflix or vice versa.

Are you getting my point?

MindNode Pros & Cons

When it comes to the pros and cons, I honestly couldn’t think of the cons here except for the need for more free features for the sake of fun and creativity. Perhaps, the stickers to add more colors to my nodes?

Although the free version is limited, it’s enough to enjoy the joy it brings when you slowly see your ideas come into place. Those ideas that once thought as unrelated slowly become goals.

On the other hand, the paid version makes your brainstorming process even easier and more creative. Am I making sense to you?

Overall, based on my experience with MindNode, I have no qualms on using the tool again for my next projects, though I’m already content with the free version.

What Others Say About MindNode?

According to a user named Eric, he shared MindNode as a beautiful and powerful mind mapping software on G2 forums.

He said, “It does exactly what you need and doesn’t try to do more. That way it doesn’t get in your way and it allows you to just flow with your ideas.”

In addition to that, the same forum site provided a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on the software with 27 reviews posted, 16 of them are 5 stars.

On the other hand, MacUpdate reported a not-so-great report on the application with only 2.5 out of 5-star rating. Why?

Most of them mentioned that they prefer paying an upgrade that’s going to earn their ownership of the application and not renting it.

One of them explained that when MindNode was released back in 2011, the options were different.

The users have the option to pay the upgrades. But when the newer version came out, the company shifted to a subscription model.

“It’s not about being cheap,it’s about owning [the] software and not wanting to rent it,” a MindNode user wrote.

They also mentioned the concerns of those who have registered on the app before when the newer version was launched.

Based on their statements, the former users will have to pay a lower upgrade price compared to those who recently used the app.

As for the current users, it’s free to download with In-App purchase or unlock the full-version within 14-days.

Because of the new options, unfortunately, it’s expensive for most of the former users. So, they chose to unsubscribe and say goodbye despite the fun.

Regardless of the opposing views, this great brainstorming tool remains the top choice for most content creators. In fact, one of them wrote, “I use this app routinely and recommend it without hesitation.”

Conclusion – Is MindNode A Great Mind Mapping Software?

Based on personal, as well as other users’ experiences, there’s no doubt that MindNode is a great mind mapping software.

By far, it’s the best application I will use over and over again during my content creation process.

It’s a great, a must-have brainstorming tool, especially to those who struggle to organize their ideas and see a different perspective on them.

It’s a great way to see ideas displayed on the screen and see how they flow and connect. For me, it helps me keep on track and review my progress in the long run.

Not only that, but I can also make sure I don’t miss any points whenever I outline a blog post idea wherever I go.

Though some features aren’t available on the free version, it’s enough to keep its promise: to give clarity to your chaotic brainstorming.

Paying subscription fees is optional. It’s up to you whether you want to avail of these enticing features or not. In that regard, there are pros and cons.

For some, MindNode is expensive and for others it’s affordable.

Overall, trying this amazing app is up to your decision. If I were you, I highly recommend checking it out. Trust me. You’ll never regret it. 🙂

If you like my MindNode review post, feel free to share it with your friends and family. Especially those who struggle to organize their grand-scale ideas.

If you have something to add or share, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. I’ll be delighted to keep in touch with you. 🙂

When you want to represent ideas and concepts in a graphical or pictorial form, you use a mind map or mind mapping tools. Mind mapping tools allow a person to have visual thinking, which helps in organizing the information. These tools help you analyze, understand, recall, and work on new ideas and concepts. When you want to record your thoughts and concepts and form an association between them, use mind mapping tools. These ideas could be anything and could strike you out of nowhere. And such ideas could be anything, like logo design, building an application, or something else. This is where you will essentially require mind mapping tools.

Is Mindnode Free

This blog focuses on mind mapping tools focused on designers, which means that these tools are ideal for designers. Let us see each of them in detail.

1. Coggle:

Coggle is an online mind mapping web application available for free for the designers and professionals from other domains. It lets you create structures and mind maps while allowing you to make connections among them. You can also create a branching structure to organize the priority or the flow of the mind map and your thought process. The most significant benefit of this web application is, you can add your colleagues and friends to a group on this tool. They can also add the charts’ ideas and thought processes to make them more comprehensive and understandable.

It also lets you track who else added what kind of details in the chart. Coggle also supports the addition of things like images, color specifications, and offers a feature to document history. It is also possible to revert to the point that would be a potential for error. You can take out the map in the form of PNG or PDF file formats, but since it is very pleasing to view the maps online on Coggle, people generally prefer the latter.

2. XMind:

XMind comes in free and premium versions and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Since it is an open-source desktop application, it is easy and free to download and use it. If you opt for a premium version of the tool, you get a lot of benefits. Apart from assistance and the feature to import/export the files, there are other things too. One of the most significant parts of XMind is, it is perfectly compatible with MS Office tools. Hence it becomes easy to directly export the mind map in the MS Office applications where you can view, read, or make necessary changes. XMind also supports and deals with various types of media and also lets you use the option to include the Gantt chart in the mind map.

It also comes with ready to use templates which you can use while creating your mind map. You can make mind maps with different structures like a logic chart, tree chart, and more. XMind is known to organize the ideas systematically to make it articulate and informative. You can also present the information in the form of slides the way you do in the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

3. FreeMind:

FreeMind is a free mind mapping software tool that works perfectly on Windows, Mac, Linux, and BeOS platforms. FreeMind is another open-source project that has been coded entirely in Java. Hence, it is practically executable on all the devices that use Java. FreeMind is popular because of its ability to streamline the ideas and organize them to make it more understandable and presentable. The cross-platform compatibility makes it one of the most widely used tools so far. It lets you add XML files to create and modify the tree structure of the mind map.

You can edit the structure by dragging and dropping files into the interface of the application. With a smart copy-paste tool, you can copy and paste HTML links, list the files, and textual format of the posted content. As it is made in Java and is compatible with various platforms, you can have data from different sources. You can also use JPEG, HTML, and PDF files with FreeMind, and it would still work correctly.

4. MindNode:

MindNode is made for Mac OS only, and hence it is a paid application. But there are various packages available to use the tool. But the application is simple yet elegant as well its functionalities. MindNode works perfectly on the iPad; hence you can work on the mind maps while moving around. The application is made so that it can be used on Apple mobiles and desktops. It also lets you export various formats, including the application FreeMind, that we talked about previously.

The user of MindNode can enter their thoughts, ideas, and concepts rapidly through a quick entry feature. He can jot down and thought that springs up and can organize it systematically later, to turn it into a brilliant concept. You don’t have to write down the ideas in only textual form. It also allows using links, notes, images, and organized tasks. MindNode offers a feature called layout where you can organize the thoughts and ideas in a presentable and a visually pleasing form.

5. Bubbl.us:

Bubbl.us is a free online web application based on Flash that enables you to create mind maps in a linear branching manner. You can save these mind maps online and export them to different file formats according to your requirement. Since it requires Flash player to work on mobile, it is not mobile compatible, which is the only drawback of this tool.

Since it is a tool available without any cost, you can use it for projects under a strict budget. The tool lets you write ideas, manage conferences, and share them with members. It enables you to discuss, collaborate, and develop ideas and concepts. Some users may think that since it is not a paid app, it would have fewer features. But the usability and the features it has to offer are countless and beneficial in a lot of ways. As Bubbl.us is a cloud-hosted tool, it can be accessed using the list of available browsers. Bubbl.us is made to suit small, medium, and enterprise business categories and verticals.

6. MindMeister:

MindMeister is a premium web application that is compatible with work on smartphones as well as desktops. It offers a lot of features for both iOS and Android platforms. The subscription for MindMeister starts at $4.99 per month. It offers three types of subscription plans according to the feature set you need. The type of subscription plan you choose to take up decides what kind of file output support would be available. You can take up their free trial period to see if it suits and fits your requirements before you can subscribe to their paid plan.

MindMeister offers an online map editor that lets you create, share, and modify the browser’s mind map. As it is a cloud-based web application, you don’t have to get through the hassle of installing and maintaining the stand-alone application. You can also stylize the mind map with themes and different colors to make it look visually pleasing.

7. Mapul:

Mapul is similar to MindMeister, which is a browser-based web application. You can take up the subscription plan for $2.50 per month. Compared to others, Mapul pops out amongst all because it lets you draw a mind map in a hand-drawn format. The hand-drawn layout makes the mind maps more accessible to the users. Other mind mapping web applications offer a standard and a conservative approach, but Mapul is modern in its way. Mapul happens to be a modified and improved version of mapmyself.com.

You can access the platform using Silverlight plugins. If you want to see if Mapul suits your requirements, you can go to the mapmyself website and take a test drive. If you subscribe to its paid plan, you can access to unlimited maps and pictures. With Mapul, you get access to a lot of color options and background themes. You can export maps into JPG and SVG formats that you can share within your teams. When you can export mind maps into presentation format in MS Powerpoint, you can use it to run a presentation and collaborate with your team.

8. WiseMapping:


WiseMapping is another open-source web-based mind mapping tool that is based on HTML5. You can access this tool through its website or choose to install it on your web browser. This is the best option when you have to run closed intranets within the organization. Since it is an open-source-based on HTML5/SVG, your web developer can tweak its settings and tune it according to your needs. WiseMapping offers a lot of flexibility as it can work with all the modern browsers. Since it is open-source, there is no possibility of any leakage of your mind maps and other information.

It doesn’t communicate your information to other applications hence making it a secure tool to use. The tool lets you use a drag and drop interface that enables you to work in the easiest way possible. You can move the objects around the interface and organize them in the way you deem fit. WiseMapping understands its users’ privacy and offers a private workspace where they can create and maintain their mind maps. But if they choose to, they can share their mind maps with their team members. The shared maps can be allowed to view or modify according to the granted permissions.

9. StormBoard:

Stormboard is a free mind mapping web-based application. The name Stormboard is another name of EdiStorm. It is an HTML5 based web application that offers a platform as well as device independence. The application relies heavily on collaboration and offers non-conservative output options like post-it notes. If you have a team of up to five members, you can use this tool for free. But if you are working with a team that has more than five members, you need to pay $5 or $10 per month according to the plan of your requirements.

The application lets all the team members write their ideas on the shared wall, accessed by other team members. This gives a space for a lot of brainstorming ideas to come through. To increase the creativity of the tool, it lets you post images for your reference as well as understanding. With the voting system, it is easy to see which idea is well-agreed for most team members. This can let you come up with the best idea that all the team members can agree upon collectively.

10. Wridea:

Wridea is a free web application for mind mapping that offers management of ideas and collaborative services. It has a different approach to the concept of the mind mapping tool. Wridea is not just a mind mapping tool strictly, yet it is a collection of various tools for you to come up with new concepts and fresh ideas. This tool offers a simple interface that you can access using browsers on your device. With a lot of collaboration and API integration, it becomes a flexible system to use. With unlimited idea pages and color schema, you can make mind maps that are visually appealing to the viewers. Wridea offers private/public options to let the users have a personal mind map. And the same user can allow others to access the mind map by inviting them and making the mind map public. This gives Wridea a lot of flexibility in its functionality.

Isn’t it a great thing that now you can map your ideas to a computer system to keep in touch with the concept or not lose it again? These tools can be an excellent tool for designers when they are having leisure time, and an idea strikes them at that time. A mind mapping tool helps you when you want to make associations between concepts and ideas. Moreover, these associations can make you find better solutions to problems or come up with new yet practical concepts and ideas. This blog lets you explore the tools that designers and professionals from other fields can use and take advantage of them. You can always look up the tools here in this blog. Some of them are free, while others are paid. You can take up the tools that suit your requirement the best.

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