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Mac Mini Plex Server

One of the best uses for a Mac mini (or any other Mac) is to run it in headless mode as a media server and file share server. The media server can run Plex and provide access to all your media to. Top 3 NAS for Plex of the Year you are looking to upgrade your multimedia setup in 2019, ch.

For long time Mac users, iTunes became the default media server for all your movies, television shows, music, home videos, and the like. It worked decently enough, but the user really had to take the time to manage file information, metadata, album or movie artwork, and much more.


A much better solution has gained widespread adoption over the last few years, and that is Plex. Plex does what iTunes does, serving up your content over your network, but it does so much more, and it does it so much better.

Old Mac

Mac Mini Plex Server

Do you have an older Mac sitting around with nothing to do? You have to really watch those old Macs, they get lazy if you don’t tell them what to do! Why not repurpose that Mac to be a Plex media server?

OS X Minimum Requirements

The biggest software requirement for an older Mac to become a Plex media server is that it has to run Mac OS 10.8 or later, otherwise known as Mountain Lion.

If Older Than Mountain Lion, Try Linux

If you have an older Mac that does not run Mac OS 10.8, you could install Linux on the machine and run a Plex media server that way. Ubuntu 10.04 can be run on many older Macs, and will make a fine server. And you know you always wanted to play around with Linux a little, right? Here is your chance!

Meta Heaven

A Plex media server does something really cool that we only wish Apple’s iTunes did: it takes care of all the meta data for you. It will scour the internet to provide movie descriptions, album artwork, keep television series tagged correctly for season and episodes, provide album data for your music, and much more.

Interested in Buying an Old Mac for Cheap?


Running a large media library via a Plex server is no problem. Simply connect a large external hard drive, or even a RAID, to your Mac, configure Plex to look on that drive, and your all set. Even cooler? Any time you add something new, Plex will update your library automatically at a set interval. (I have mine set to once an hour). Awakening meaning in the bible.

While we all love Apple and Apple products, we also live in a world with numerous other technologies. Smart TVs, Android, Windows, Playstation 3 and 4, the Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, and ROKU (just to name a few). And everything listed above is compatible with running the Plex client software, which is what you will use to enjoy all your content!

Apple TV

The new Apple TV (forth generation) has a Plex client you can download, so if you are an only-Apple technology household, you can still take advantage of the better Plex media server. (One caveat: iTunes purchased content cannot be played via Plex).


You can download Plex for free. Requirements for a Plex media server can be found here.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro 1,1 and 2,1
Mac Pro 3,1
Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1 4-Core
Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1 8-Core
Mac Pro 5,1 6-Core
Mac Pro 5,1 12-Core
Mac Pro 6,1


iMac 4,1, 4,2 and 5,2
iMac 5,1 and 6,1
iMac 7,1
iMac 8,1
iMac 9,1
iMac 10,1 and 11,1
iMac 11,2 and 11,3 (i3)
iMac 11,3 (i5/i7) to 12,2
iMac 13,2 14,2 15,1
iMac 17,1

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 1,1 and 1,2
MacBook Pro 2,1 and 2,2
MacBook Pro 3,1 and 4,1
MacBook Pro 5,1 to 6,2
MacBook Pro 7,1
MacBook Pro 8,1 to 8,3
MacBook Pro 9,1 and 9,2


MacBook 1,1
MacBook 2,1
MacBook 3,1 to 4,2
MacBook 5,1
MacBook 5,2 (667-Mhz)
MacBook 5,2 (800-Mhz)
MacBook 6,1
MacBook 7,1

Mac Mini

PowerMac 10,1 and 10,2
Mac Mini 1,1
Mac Mini 2,1
Mac Mini 3,1
Mac Mini 4,1
Mac Mini 5,1 to 5,3
Mac Mini 6,1 and 6,2

Hello everyone finally it's here and I think some of you waited for this to happen quite a while and I'm sorry for that. After the last few weeks I dedicated most of my time to finish the backend and reworked and improved this Metadata Agent. Metadata Agent / MALAgent


The MyAnimeListAgent is a Metadata Agent for the Plex Media Server and is used to parse data from a source into the server. Since does not provide a easy to use and complete API for their database I wrote the fribbtastic-api to parse the website and return the necessary data for the Agent to work. After the Scanner scans your files on your hard drive and added them to your library a search query to my API is triggered and the result with the highest conformity will be used to trigger a detailed request. This detailed request contains everything that is parseable like the title, the rank or all available Episodes.

The MyAnimeListAgent can be used for Tv-Shows and Movies.

To provide more Image Information like Backgrounds and Banners the API provides these fromTheTVDB.


  • Every Anime is cached in a Database to limit the requests made to the website. Animes are cached for 7 days.
  • Popular Animes like Naruto, Bleach or One Piece who provide many information will take some time to complete the request. So if you have an Anime that is not getting recognized or filled with Metadata, try to refresh the anime after clearing the plugin cache.
  • My API, which provides the Data, is only parsing the Data from which means if there are missing Episode titles then it is possible that they aren’t added yet.
  • If Episodes are not available on this Agent will set the Title to “Episode: X” and the date to the date you are adding it to your library. This means that you can still watch your anime from the “On Deck” Feature even if the original date is not available.



Works best with: BABS – Better absolute Scanner

Scanner Installation:

Windows: C:Users[Your Username]AppDataLocalPlex Media ServerScannersSeries

Media Server For Mac

Linux: /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Scanners/Series

If the Folders Scanners and Series do not exist then you need to create them.

Agent Installation:

  1. Stop Plex Media Server
  2. Copy the MyAnimeList.bundle folder into your plugins folder (Where is my Plugins folder?)
  3. Start Plex Media Server


![post-123167-0-76147600-1419338834.png 690x312](upload://obthZKOdtiJXO0FZTGQ0e2dqkoy.png)![post-123167-0-20975700-1419338848.png 690x312](upload://4Cb71yb15cGVRyRiVSq8tcjOgVi.png)![post-123167-0-94418900-1419338868.png 690x312](upload://ZrkKoRQ1oAdUsLi2nodzHjm88l.png)![post-123167-0-63768200-1419338882.png 690x312](upload://96qGslyufI7PIM1Eq2Nb73TMECT.png)![post-123167-0-73819400-1419338896.png 690x312](upload://jtPnoS4JSJNjsyfBgCHVzy05Gs6.png)![post-123167-0-23701300-1419338904.png 690x312](upload://iNiPmHgvtSX7BCFiFIma8mwMhQy.png)


Mac Mini Plex Server


To figure out what happened I need the following Information: The Title and the Id of the Anime and If possible append the Log file to your post (how to find your log file!)

Known Issues:

Mac Mini Plex Server M1

Mac Mini Plex Server

Mac Mini As Home Server

  1. API calls especially ones who aren't in cache yet or are older then 7 days will take longer to complete. So it is possible that you sometimes won't get any metadata because of an http timeout. Just start it again and the API cache should be good to go. This is especially the case for Anime with an episode list over 100 like Bleach, Naruto, HunterXHunter and especiall One Piece.
  2. TheTVDB search request I made to get the series will match the found title to the title of the series. If this matching score is not over 85% the response wont get any TVDB Data
  3. Sometimes when you won't get any metadata be patient and try another time. It could mean that myanimelist is refusing the request of my API because of 'Too many requests'.

New Mac Mini Plex Server

If you have any problems with this Agent please don't hesitate to ask but please keep this thread clean. If you have problems, exceptions or strange behaviour post them in my Support thread here
you can also follow me on twitter or visit the project page on (there you can subscribe for email notification)