Ls19 Man Tgx

Finally, you can download the MAN TGX 26.640 flatbed truck with autoload for Farming Simulator 19. (Looking for the download link? See below.)

(Blast from the past: Please be aware that this mod was released some time ago. It’s just that we haven’t been able to present it until now.)

I lovestacking bales. It's therapeutic. But sometimes I don't have the time. And thenI cheat. This MAN flatbed truck is nice to cheat with, thanks to itsautoload capabilities. Stacking bales with it takes a fraction of the timespent making stacks of bales without cheating.

MAN TGX v1.0 LS19. Overview: The following is included in the mod: MAN TGX 18.440 to 18.680 V8. Functions: – Various configuration possibilities – IC support. Other: The following mods are required: If you want to use the IC control, you need FS19simpleIC. Permissions and important information: Editing and uploading the mod to other pages.

Ls19 man tgx 26.640

Now you canuse it too. Here are some of the most used keyboard shortcuts:

  • Uploaded on 2018-11-24 22:51:27 File Size: 16.1 MB. On our website, you can find a great variety of video game mods files.
  • Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen auf meinem KanalIch Stelle euch heute den MAN TGX 2020 vor mit Simple IC. Die mit an dem Mod gearbeitet haben Modell: BDModdin.
  • LS19 Modvorstellung - MAN TGX Forst Spezial - LS19 Mods👉 Hier geht's zum Mod LS19 Alpine DLC kaufen (Reflink.
  • Price: 150.000 € Max. Power: 640 hp Max. Speed: 80 kph Capacity: 25.000 l Changelog: Added filltypes: Liquid Fertilizer Herbicide Liquid Manure.
  • U = Autoloadon or off.
  • Z = Togglewhat goods to load (square bales, round bales, and so on.)
  • B = Toggleunloading position (visually guided by a marker.)
  • Y = Unload.

Dissertation outline example. And yes, itworks together with other autoload trailers. Hooking up one of those to thetruck increases the overall capacity significantly, giving you some seriousloads.

Movable Unloading Position

This autoloadtruck has position markers making it easy to unload your bales and pallets. Youcan even move the positions in different directions. The F1 Help menu tells youeverything there is to know about moving the markers.

You'll find the truck under the 'Tools -> Baling Technology' category.

FS19 MAN TGX 26.640Flatbed

Here arethe most important facts about this FarmingSimulator 19 mod:


Ls19 Man Tgx First Sattelzug Pack

  • Brand: MAN.
  • Credits: Giants Software,ML-Agrardesign, Tim2305, Haubi0105, alfalfa6945, GtX, TWD-Modding.
  • Category: Tools Baling Technology.
  • Engine options: 1.
  • Power: 640 hp.
  • Top speed: 80 kph 49 mph.
  • Baseprice:180,000.
  • Capacity: 22 round bales, 20 large square bales, and 10pallets.
  • Selectablecolors: Yes.
  • Selectablewheels: No.
  • Errors? No.

How to Download

Themodder hosts this autoloading truck at Sharemods. Just click on the blue buttonunder to get there.

We always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

(Via Forbidden-Mods)

The following tags are included in the pack:
Strautmann SEK 802
Fliegl DPW 180
Fliegl DPW 210
HKL platform
Trailer (New V1.2)
BDF 2 axles (new V1.3)
BDF 3-axle (new V1.3)
TDM 2-axle (New V1.3)
TDM 3-axle (New V1.3)
MAN TGX 26.640 XLX (Large cabin) (V3.2)
MAN TGX 26.640 XL (small cabin) (V3.2)
MAN TGX 18.400 XLX (Large cabin) (V3.2)
MAN TGX 18.400 XL (small cabin) (V3.2)

– Autoload charging functions:
Square bales
Round bales
Mission ranges
Egg boxes
Large pallets e.g. Pesticides
Normal pallets e.g. Lime big bag or seedling palette
Boards pallets e.g. Boards pallets from NF Marsch Map or BDM productions
Large boards pallets e.g. Sawmill from Susi 25
Cuboids and round bales from the straw salvage addon (new V1.3)

Various configuration options
IC support (New V1.3)

Ls19 Man Tgx 2020

The following mods are required:
Giants IT Runner Pack requires:
If you want to use the IC control, you need FS19_simpleIC:
EasyAutoLoad by alfalfa6945

Permissions and important information:
Editing and uploading the mod to other sites is NOT allowed!
The script may not be installed and uploaded in other vehicles and trailers without permission!
I got the permission from alfalfa6945 to install and use the autoload script in my mods!
I have Ifko’s permission to install the Addconfig script
The trailer comes from the ATC Chassis Pack, has been revised by me and according to the manufacturer of the pack no permission is required!
Thanks TschiZack for the K-LED from Hella
Thank you Leifi for the illuminated MAN logos
Version 3.0:
General innovations:
Unloading mark renewed (now more visible)
New icon for Autoload (pallet, round bales and square bales logo at the bottom right next to the speedometer display)
Bales and pallets from the Straw Recovery Addon Compatible
Color palette expanded
Icon renewed
Shop title renewed
ModDesc version changed to 47
IC Control for all devices with side wall add-on added (IC Control Mod is required [Github])

New devices / trailers:
BDF trailer 2 axles
BDF trailer 3 axles
TDM trailer 2 axles
TDM trailer 3 axles

Ls19 Man Tgx Tankwagen

Innovations old devices / trailers:
(DPW 210) Pallets can now also be loaded with autoload
(DPW 180) Multicolor added
(DPW 180) New body versions
(DPW 180) Side lights configurable
(DPW 180) side lighting renewed
(DPW 180) Shop Icon renewed
(Trailer) New body versions
(Trailer) New beacon configuration
(Trailer) Multicolor added
(Trailer) marker lights configurable
(Trailer) side lighting renewed
Fixed collision on loading areas without body
(Trailer) Autoload marking position improved
(HKL platform) I3d revised (no more loading time when buying)
ATTENTION! The old version (FS19_Autoloadpack or FS19_BDM_Autoloadpack) must be deleted from the Mod folder!

Version 3.2:
General innovations:
– MAN TGX 26.640 XLX (large cabin)
– MAN TGX 26.640 XL (small cabin)
– MAN TGX 18.400 XLX (large cabin)
– MAN TGX 18.400 XL (small cabin)
– Added tarpaulin construction
– New front wall added
– More configurable colors (approx. 105 colors)
– K-LED Rebelution beacon from Hella added to the configuration (thanks to TschiZack)

The platform was lowered in tandem 2 and 3 axes
Boxes of color configuration added

Ls19 Man Tgx Forst Spezial