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Apple TV connects to a television using standard HDMI cables and uses AirPlay to communicate with an iPad wirelessly. Even apps that don't support AirPlay work using display mirroring, which replicates the iPad screen on a TV. Read more about how to use AirPlay with your iPad Connect the iPad Wirelessly Without Using Chromecast. Soon you should see your iPhone/iPad screen mirroring on your LG TV/device!:-) How to Stop Screen Mirroring: 1. Open the 'Control Center' on your iPhone/iPad, tap the flashing Red button once. Screen mirroring will stop. When you want to mirror again, just follow the steps above. KNOWN ISSUES:. You will experience a latency (delay) on your TV screen during mirroring; it is impossible to achieve zero-second latency. And if you do not have an Apple TV but subscribe Chromecast, you can mirror iPad screen to TV via Chromecast. Step 1: Hook up the Chromecast device into your TV device. Then turn on the TV and go to the appropriate channel. Step 2: Download the Chromecast app from App Store and install it on your iPad.


If the size of an iPhone does not suits you right, there’s an iPad to rely on. Although iPad is perfect for watching media files and doing activities either for work or for school, casting it to a much larger screen such as an LG TV also calls for a need. It allows you to see your work more clearly, and share the joys of binge-watching with your loved ones. To mirror iPad to LG TV, we’ve rounded up below some of the tools you can use.

Using Plexdrive you can stream content directly from your Google Drive without having to download it to the server first. Plexdrive setup and running requires certain level of knowledge. Bytesized Hosting does not provide support or will help debugging issues caused by plexdrive. See this news item for more details on why that is the case. Plex and onedrive. Using Rclone to mount Google Drive for Plex Jakub Papuga. 07-2020 (Updated: 07-2020) What is rclone? Rclone is a command-line program to manage files on cloud storage. It is a feature-rich alternative to cloud vendors’ web storage interfaces. Over 40 cloud storage.

How to Mirror iPad to LG TV



ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring application that works conveniently on multiple devices. It is an essential tool to connect iPad to LG TV especially if your reason for connecting the two is because of work. The application comes with built-in tools that you can use to record your mirroring, take a screenshot, and a whiteboard to take down notes as you mirror or draw. Here’s how you can use the app.

  • Download and install ApowerMirror on your iPad and TV.
  • Launch the app on your iPad and tap the scan button located in the upper right corner.
  • On your TV, scan the QR code.
  • Then, go to Control Center and tap Screen Mirroring. From there, select the name of your TV to commence the mirroring.

Screen Mirroring Lg Tv App

Lg Tv Ipad Screen MirroringIpad


To cast iPad to LG TV the thrifty way, you can try LetsView. This is a free mirroring app with built-in tools akin to paid screen mirroring apps. It has a friendly interface that allows you to connect your devices in three easy ways and here’s one.

  • Go to App Store and install LetsView. Be sure to also install the app on your LG TV.
  • Open the app and on your iPad, tap the first icon on the upper right corner.
  • Then, on your TV, get the PIN code and enter it on your iPad.
  • Now, go to the Control Center, tap Screen Mirroring, and click the name of your LG TV to mirror.


AirBeamTV is another ideal tool you can use to stream iPad to LG TV since the app is compatible with both iOS and LG. It features wireless mirroring where you can cast movies, apps from your iPad, and even music to your TV. Just follow the guide below if you would also like to give it a try.

  • Get Mirror for LG TV application installed on your iPad.
  • Open the app and wait until it detects your LG TV.
  • Press Start Broadcast or Start Mirroring to begin mirroring.


Those are the three most feasible ways you can try to mirror your iPad to an LG TV. Each tool comes with its own distinction and function that suits your needs. Some of the apps are paid, while LetsView is the only free mirroring app we’ve found that can go along with the paid apps.

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