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In this topic, we are going to create the first laravel project. To create the Laravel project, we will be using Git and Composer.

Following are the steps required to create a first laravel project:

Welcome to the new Laravel News News February 11th, 2021. Over the past few months, we've been working on the next version of Laravel News, and we are happy to have launched it this past weekend. With the launch, we wanted to make an official announcement and talk about some of the changes and improvements made to the site. See below for Laravel 4.x support. See the table above for package version information, and change the version below accordingly. Using composer, run. Composer require intouch/laravel-newrelic:'2.0'.

  • Open the Git Bash window.
  • Enter the ls command to know the current location.

Currently, we are in the root directory.

  • Now we create a Laravel project in Xampp folder. First we need to move to the xampp folder where we create a new laravel project.

In the above screen, cd c: command is used to move to the c drive and then we use the command cd xampp/htdocs/ to move to the xampp folder.

Laravel New Project

  • First, we use the ls command to view the list of projects.

Github desktop for bitbucket. The above screen shows that list is empty, i.e., no projects are available in the xampp folder. Now, we first clear the screen, and create a new laravel project.

  • Create a new laravel project.

In the above screen, we use the command composer create-project laravel/laravel firstproject.



laravel/laravel: It is a vendor package.
firstproject: It is a project name.

Note: If we do not mention the version, then composer creates automatically new laravel project with the latest version.

We can also use below commands to create a new laravel project:

Laravel New App

  • The below screen shows that installation of laravel is started.

Laravel New Error

  • Once the installation of laravel completed, an application key is created.
  • After successful installation, move to the xampp/htdocs folder where we find the firstproject.
  • Go to the firstproject folder and then click on the vendor folder where you will find all the dependencies.

Laravel New Model