Javascript In Php

In this article, we will discuss how to execute a javascript function in PHP. Before that let us discuss what is exactly a javascript function. Then we will go for call a JavaScript function in PHP.

Calling Javascript In Php

As we all know that Javascript is client level scripting language and PHP is Server level programming language. In this tutorial we aim to throw light on how to call PHP function from Javascript with three different example. You can call PHP function through Javascript by passing the value, you need as output of PHP function as a string in Javascript. Java script can be inserted by embedding. Send JSON from JavaScript to PHP (Ajax) To request data on the client side I like to use jQuery, because I save some lines of JavaScript. We can do the same with other frameworks or libraries like Vue.js, you can find the corresponding functions in their documentation.


What is a Javascript function?


The Javascript is the client-side script that can add, delete and modify the contents and designs of an HTML.

A function is a set of instructions that have reusability property and it is called by the function name.

Summing up, the javascript function is used to execute or trigger a function from a javascript code block(i.e written between <script> and </sccript>) by any event in HTML block.



How to trigger or call the javascript function from PHP

PHP considers every HTML element as strings inside the echo command. So, we will trigger the javascript function calls inside the echo command.


Javascript in php code

Let us illustrate a simple function call from PHP,

Javascript In Php File


Let us create a javascript function call by a button event i.e. onClick attribute,

How To Write Javascript In Php


Javascript In Php Echo

In this way, we can execute or call a javascript function in PHP. If you have any doubt, put a comment below,

  1. I tried calling a javascript function using onsubmit within php echo statement and it didn’t work, any ideas on why?

Javascript In Php Code

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