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In the exhibition Henrik Vibskov has above all worked with the many expressive genres and categories of visual art: sculpture, photography, installation, film, drawing etc. Through the use of the many artistic media he has built up a unified installation where each space at GL STRAND correspondingly has its own theme and mode of ex­pression. Polymath designer striving to create clothing that looks and feels like a work of art. Visual artist, musician, and designer Henrik Vibskov wears many hats, some of which he's probably designed. Interested in the clothing and the world in which it lives, he creates collections rich with color, patterns, and graphics, t.

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Henrik Vibskov Coat

Henrik Vibskov could be the creative love child of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. Indeed many of the looks pay homage to the 'buffalo girl' look. Vibskov is not merely a fashion designer, but more of a multi-disciplinary creative, one who fuses art, design, music subcultures with fashion seamlessly.

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