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  1. Bulk Rename & Group is a free tool which allows you to easily rename and organize all your files from internal or external storage in a single operation. Batch rename and group your selection of.
  2. Filename Editor will add a prefix or suffix to all files and subfolders within a selected folder in Google Drive. To get started, choose a folder and your rename requirements and click “Preview” below. We will query your folders and files and display a summary of the activity the Editor will run through.
  3. I want to rename my all Audio files in particular folder in my drive by using google script. How to get original name of file? And replace with new name that will erase first 23 words and remain all name as it was. I didn't understand how to do that.

Renaming files in huge quantities can be very helpful in different circumstances. It can be used to shorten filenames, delete unsupported/ forbidden characters while transferring files to a server, convert complex filenames into a simplified format, set a music playback order to listen to your songs in a desired order etc.

When you take photographs from your digital camera, it stores them with meaningful names such as DS0001.jpg, DS0002.jpg, making it difficult to search for the right photograph. Bulk renaming will help in giving those photographs more meaningful names, all within an instance. You’ll be able to insert new characters in existing filenames, apply numbering to your files, convert upper case characters to lowercase and vice versa. In addition to this, you’ll be able to insert date in filenames.

Step # 1: Download Easy File Renamer for PC

  1. You can rely on Easy File Renamer (EFR), if you wish to automatically rename Google Drive files, photos, songs, and add mp3/id3 tags to the music files. The EFR software will rename all files on cloud. You won’t have to download files to your PC prior to renaming. This makes this unique. Download EFR below:

You can use the Bulk Renamer for Google Drive app If you have that Google Drive folder synced to your computer, you can use Bulk Rename Utility on your local machine's copy of that folder. BRU has more options/flexibility than Bulk Renamer, including regex support.

Rename Files on Google Drive

You’re downloading Easy File Renamer which is verified by Verisign

EFR is 100% safe file management utility

If you wish to apply manual renaming, follow step 2:

Step # 2: Use Command-line Instructions

Using Command Prompt

  1. Command Prompt can be located from here: Start > All Apps > Windows System > Command Prompt
  2. Go to the desired directory that contains all Google Drive downloaded content. Now type in:


  • CD <Desired Directory>


Google Drive Bulk Rename
  • CD C:UsersUSER_NAMEGoogle Drive
  1. Mass rename all file extensions using the ren command.

Specimen:Sleeping giant meaning in telugu.

  • ren *.ext1 *.ext2

Bulk Renamer For Google Drive

(ext1 and ext2 denote old and new extensions respectively)


  • ren *.jpeg *.png

Using Windows PowerShell

Here we will explain how to replace a character in filenames. The character can be an alphabet, a word or even a number.

  1. Windows PowerShell can be located from here: Start > All Apps > Windows PowerShell > Windows PowerShell
  2. Use the following command to rename files in bulk quantities:


  • Dir Rename-Item –NewName { $ –replace “char”,”replace_with” }

(Here, char denotes the original character in filenames and replace_with denotes the character that will overwrite it. It can be alphabetical or numeric.)

Google drive mass rename


  • Dir Rename-Item –NewName { $ –replace “0”,”9” }
  1. The following command can be used to change file extensions in bulk:

Google Drive Bulk Rename File

  • Dir Rename-Item –NewName { $ –replace “.exe1″,”.exe2″ }

Google Drive Bulk Rename Software

You can also use a file renamer utility such as the Easy File Renamer for auto renaming of Google Drive files. In this process you may encounter duplicate files. It is recommended you also get rid of the duplicate filess using an efficient Google Drive duplicate file finder such as Clone Files Checker.