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GitHub Desktop 2.0 has officially been released. Since our 1.0 release, we’ve added more features to better support your workflows. You can resolve merge conflicts more easily, co-author commits to share credit with others, and check out your GitHub pull requests. There is folder context menu (windows shell integration) to access these. Includes the latest release of git. It is not set up to access GitHub by default, but you can clone an existing repo from a source location. GitHub Desktop (formerly GitHub for Windows) is a more. For now however, here's how you can delete a branch from the Git Shell: Hit in GitHub Desktop to open up the repository in the Git Shell Run 'git branch -d branchname' When you create a new branch you should see an option to publish it directly in the comparison graph.

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GitHub Desktop extends and simplifies your Git and GitHub workflow using a visual interface.

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About GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop is an open source tool that enables you to be more productive. GitHub Desktop encourages you and your team to collaborate using best practices with Git and GitHub.

Just a few of the many things you can do with GitHub Desktop are:

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  • Add changes to your commit interactively
  • Quickly add co-authors to your commit
  • Checkout branches with pull requests and view CI statuses
  • Compare changed images

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For more information about GitHub Desktop, see 'Installing and configuring GitHub Desktop' in the GitHub Desktop documentation.


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Sharing feedback

If you have feedback or feature requests, you can open an issue in the desktop/desktop repository.