1. Cmake Export
  2. Include(generateexportheader)
  3. Cmake Generate Export Header
  4. Cmake Link Dynamic Library

Cmake Export

When I try to use it like here I run into problems.

Using cmake version 3.16.3 on OSX and debian, same result.


I have an project cxx_simplelog, that requires spdlog to be installed.

  • Jul 14, 2014 Thank you for the suggestion! Saw your app on Google Play and it looks very interesting. Although I could manage to get PCL running on Android, it still needs to be modified when new version of PCL/Android SDK comes out.
  • GenerateExportHeader macrr for CMake? Hi, I came up with an idea to simplify the creation of export headers for hidden visibility by using configurefile. After implementing it I saw that the.
  • Using GenerateExportHeader, we can easily account for platform specific behaviors without any ugly #ifdef s (at least none that we have to write personally). This is the desired revised project structure: inc (public header file root) core (header files for `core` lib).


Allowduplicatecustomtargets autogentargetsfolder automoctargetsfolder cmakecxxknownfeatures cmakecknownfeatures debugconfigurations disabledfeatures eclipseextranatures enabledfeatures enabledlanguages findlibraryuselib64paths findlibraryuseopenbsdversioning globaldependsdebugmode globaldependsnocycles intrycompile jobpools packagesfound packagesnotfound. Rename multiple folders.

spdlog depends on fmt lib to be installed too.
All that is true, but wenn I install my project und try to build an example using

Cmake Generate Export Header

find_package(cxx_simplelog REQUIRED)

my package is found, but the dependent libs are not imported?