Gardena Drip System Planner

GARDENA myGarden is a free online garden planner — for simple, creative garden planning. Do you want a beautiful garden, but without the chore of having to water it? You can use the built-in sprinkler system planner to quickly and easily plan an irrigation solution that is unique to your garden. The Gardena Micro-Drip System This is the best selling irrigation system from Gardena for your garden, versatile enough to be used any garden from the large to the small, even balconies, your patio, in the vegetable garden, flower beds, hedges or even just a couple of pots. You can water anything with this fantastic system from Gardena.

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Design the perfect watering system for your garden using Gardena Micro-Drip

Not sure where to begin?
We often get asked how to design an automated watering system using the Gardena Micro-Drip System.
So we've jam-packed our website full of information to help you find what you need.

Measure Twice, Cut Once
A good saying to live by, make sure you have what you need by following these instructions for best practice, water pressure is an important consideration.

If you read the following three documents you should be armed with all the information needed:

Gardena - 2018 Brochure - Automatic Irrigation Systems (inc DIY design planner)
See page 48 for the Gardena Irrigation Planner

Gardena Drip System Planner Download

The basics

Grab a pencil and paper and keep reading, our recommendation for most users is that you start at the tap and move on as follows:

  • The beginning is your garden tap
  • Then a threaded connection to a water computed or timer
  • From this a Hose connector (female) is attached to the male end piece on the timer.
  • The hose connector connects to length of garden hose
  • At the end of the hose use a Water stop or connector.
  • Then attach a master unit (a water filter)
  • From the master unit you connect to a 13mm pipe
  • Then branch off from the 13mm pipe to a 4.6mm pipe.
    We recommend doing this as close as possible to the point of watering for optimum water pressure/flow rate.
  • Install your drip heads, spray nozzles, etc.

Note that a 'one size fits all' system does not exist, the above is a general recommendation to help you understand how this system works. No garden is the same and no system should be completely the same either - there are a myriad of options and alternative ways to build a system.


Still confused?

Worry not, a Starter Set could well be the solution you're looking for.

Gardena Drip System Planner Reviews

These include many basic components, you can expand your system later by adding more bits and pieces when you have a better handle on what you're doing.

Not forgetting that the starter sets offer fantastic value, allowing you to buy multiple components at a bundle price.

See it in action

Watch this video for an illustration of the Gardena Micro-Drip Watering System in action.
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