Garden Design Layout Plan

May 01, 2021 Developing a landscape design requires an understanding of the dynamic nature of the landscape. When we create a final design plan, we rely on basic design considerations, environmental design considerations, plant selection guidelines, and plan preparation instructions. Basic Design Considerations. Emphasize by Grouping Plants. Pre-Planned Gardens: We first introduced our 'Gardens in a Box' over a decade ago and despite our efforts, we sell out every season. The plants, the instructions, the map. We do everything but dig the holes! Our Pre-Planned Gardens have been professionally designed by some of the biggest names in horticulture: our founder David Salman and garden designer Lauren Springer. Plants Decide the shape of your planting beds. Beds with clean lines define areas and points of interest. Curves tend to look. Think of using plants as you'd decorate your house. Pick a few colors that work together or at least avoid lots of color. Feel free to mix up texture and size.

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Design with Confidence

Our exclusive planting plans and plant combinations make growing a great-looking garden easy. Browse planting plans for front yards, backyards and everything in between. Find gardens that look great in spring, summer, fall and winter and plants that you can grow in sun or shade.

Beds & Borders

Four-Season Hydrangea Border

Looking for a hydrangea-filled flower border that will look great year-round? Visual studio online c++. Try our four-season garden border plan. Includes a plant list and how-to tips!


Help your garden make a great first impression. Our garden plans for front yards in sun or shade make it easy. Foundation plantings, front door plantings, garden arbor plantings. They're all here!

Beds & Borders

Garden plans for sun. Garden plans for shade. Deer-resistant gardens. Easy-care flower gardens. When you're ready to start a new garden, this is the place to look for backyard borders, flowerbeds and island plantings. Let us help you get started!

Decks & Patios

Herb garden design layout plan

Layout Butterfly Garden Design Plans

Make your deck or patio better by surrounding it with a garden. These deck and patio planting plans make it easy to create a great-looking garden right where you'll see it most! Grow vegetables, colorful annuals or fragrant plants in your courtyard, around a patio or next to your deck.

Garden Design Layout Plan

Wildlife Friendly

Vegetable Garden Design Layout

Plant a butterfly garden, a hummingbird garden or a pollinator garden with one of our garden plans. We know which plants attract birds and butterflies and will show you exactly what other features make it most likely to bring in birds, butterflies and other friendly garden visitors.