Fs19 Gleaner

  1. Fs19 Gleaner Combine

The Gleaner S98 Combine Harvester for FarmingSimulator 19 is ready for download.

FS19 Gleaner S98 v1.0 Here is my completely revamped Gleaner S98 for FS19. This mod was originally introduced in FS17 with basic functionality. Several of you asked if I would convert this over and update it for 19. Become a modern farmer! Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm. Here you can find and download Allis Chalmers Gleaner F2 V1.0.1.0 Mod for Farming Simulator 2019 (FS 19) for free.

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There'salso a custom Dynaflex header (price:60,000), and a Command Series corn header (price: 45,000) included with the mod.

FS19 Gleaner S98 Combine

Here is the most of what you should know aboutthis FS19 mod:

  • Brand: Gleaner.
  • Modder: FarmSimSteve.
  • Category: Harvesters.
  • Baseprice: 350,000.
  • Engineconfigurations: 1.
  • Powerrange: 471 hp.
  • Topspeed: 26 mph 42 kph.
  • Workingspeed: 6 mph 10 kph.
  • Grainhoppercapacity: 13,743.
  • Selectablecolors: No.
  • Selectablewheels: Yes – Standard, wide, front duals, and front crawlers.

Heads up: There were some minor errors in the log after using the mod. But nothing game-breaking.


- All new UDIM Cab
- You can use Capello with silver color for corn too
- New folding animation to include ladder
- FS19 Customizable Wheels: Tracks, Single, Broad, Duals
- FS19 Lights and turn signals
- New Gleaner logo on front of cab
- New indoor console, huds, dashboard, animations/lights
- Adjusted mass and fill volumes
- Hopper auger is now on the right as in real life
- Foliage bending on combine and headers


Gleaner Combine Version1.0.4

(UpdateJune 2019) A lothas happened since the initial release of the Gleaner. Now, we’re at version1.0.4. Here are some of the changes and fixes:

  • Header up and down movements are fixed to avoid trouble when lowering and raising theheaders.
  • Unloader rotation and stopping location have been adjusted. The pipe rotation is morerealistic now.
  • The MacDon FD75 40 feet header (by Julian11) has been added, because the DynaFlex has some wear issuesafter being used for a while.

How to Download

The modder uses Mediafire to host the Gleaner. So, when you press the blue button under, you’ll be taken to the official download page.


Fs19 Gleaner Combine

We always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.