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Having sold 25m in the franchise to date, the company has deals with 22 partners to distribute the latest game globally

Farming Simulator Xbox One S

Swiss-based Giants Software has announced that the latest title in its 25m plus selling Farming Simulator series will be entirely self-published globally – the first release in the series to launch this way.

The latest title, incredibly entitled Farming Simulator 22, will be released on a wide variety of platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X and Stadia. And will be launched in Q4 of this year.

It’s the first time the company has taken on full global publishing responsibilities. Free garden planner template.

“We are further growing with our games,” said Giants Software CEO Christian Ammann, “and the upcoming results of our cultivated ambitions will be a milestone for the series’ history as well as our company, which developed into a self-determined publisher in full control of its product.”

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The move comes after last month’s announcement to launch a partner network to assist with publishing globally. With 22 partners including Astragon, Digital Bros, Koch Media, Play Art and more, helping to distribute Giants’ titles worldwide.

“With our new partners, we will build on the already great basis of the series’ successful past and will ensure, that the future of Farming Simulator yields outstanding results for everyone – foremost our dedicated fans, of course. The publishing team will continuously make sure, we’re prepared to draw on our full potential to make Farming Simulator, and it’s globe-spanning community thrive even more”, said Ammann in March.

“We have come a long way since we started our self-publishing venture last year”, commented Boris Stefan, head of publishing at GIANTS. “Our diligent preparation got us excellent partners on board. They’re not only a perfect fit to our brand, they’re also as dedicated and capable as you can hope them to be. Together, we’re set on a course to bring Farming Simulator to every player in the world, wherever they are.”

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