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With WebTools you can add several utilities to Plex to give you more administrative. Apr 02, 2021 From our list above NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish all sell pre-configured routers, and NordVPN is probably the best. Apple TV VPN on a virtual router Setting up a VPN on a virtual router is much less daunting than doing so on a physical router, but you will need a spare laptop lying around to get it working.

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Hey all,

I know ExpressVPN is pretty popular these days (especially for un-geoblocking) so hopefully I can get an answer here - Has anyone here managed to get their PMS working with ExpressVPN enabled?

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I’ve been scouring the forums and Google for a solution to get the bloody thing to allow remote access, but it’s been rather futile, their support chat wasn’t even sure if it was achievable without port forwarding and offered next to no assistance. I’ve tried split tunneling to not include Plex, I’ve tried disabling the Network Lock, also not connecting to the VPN DNS servers, no deal; There must be some way.

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The only choice I have left at this stage is to install the VPN in a VM… but I’d rather not if there is an alternative method.

Any help appreciated. Daz art museum.