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  1. Surfshark’s rise from zero to hero has been nothing short of outstanding and has quickly become a favourite amongst VPN users worldwide since joining the market in 2018. A secure, no logs VPN with great speeds, it’s ideal for streaming & torrenting.
  2. The British Virgin Islands-based, launched in 2018, Surfshark is an economical-all rounder that works best with Disney Plus in Singapore. Surfshark provides smooth connectivity, no downtime, and has an audited no logs policy from Cure53!
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The Walt Disney Company has set a date of September 15th to expand Disney Plus in Eight European Countries. Along with their release date, their pricing according to each market is also confirm. So if you are wondering, “when is Disney Plus coming to my country,” stay tuned!

Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, and Luxembourg are where Disney Plus will start streaming from September 15th.

The price plan for each country is as follows;

The Surfshark website will automatically detect your IP address. Make sure you are disconnected from the VPN because smart DNS must be activated for your real IP address. Click Activate Smart DNS to verify the activation. A few moments later, you will see your generated smart DNS addresses.

  • €6.99/month and €69.99/yearly in Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, and Luxembourg
  • 69 NOK/month and 689 NOK/yearly in Norway
  • 69 SEK/monthly and 689 SEK/yearly in Sweden
  • 59 DKK/monthly and 589 DKK/yearly in Denmark

Disney Plus in Brazil is to launch in November, but no tentative date is set for it.

Disney Plus Available Countries

The Disney launch program started on November 12th, 2019, from the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands, and one week later, Disney Plus in Australia,NZ, and the UK emerged. India is the only country that has Disney Plus in Asia. At the same time, there are numerous in Europe and Latin America, as mentioned below.

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

When is Disney+ coming to the rest of the world?

As of now, the Disney release dates for the rest of the world are classified region wise. Eastern Europe and Latin America can access Disney Plus in the first half of 2021. While expansion in Asia and Pacific countries have begun already, it will complete in 2021.

What to do If you want to watch Disney plus right now?

Disney Plus is expanding steadily, but slowly, and while its release is under process, you can still watch Disney Plus from anywhere.

It has stable region blocking filters on its websites; hence people can’t access Disney Plus abroad. But it is not a hard task. You can easily unblock Disney Plus using a reliable and secure VPN that goes undetected on the Disney servers.

A reliable VPN for Disney+ like ExpressVPN, which is our top choice, will mask your original IP address with one from a different region where Disney Plus is available. This will deceive the website, and so it will unlock itself for you.

All you have to do is subscribe to the best VPN for Disney Plus and buy the Disney Plus packages. Their packages range from monthly to yearly plans. Moreover, Disney Bundle is also available for users in the US. The bundle consists of 3 streaming platforms; Disney Plus, Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+, all at an affordable price of $12.99/month.

Best VPN for Disney Plus in 2021

Listed below are the top 3 VPNs in the industry for Disney Plus;

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Stream Disney+ from Anywhere

ExpressVPN is a high-quality VPN, with an extensive server library of 3000+ servers in over 90 countries to watch Disney Plus from anywhere. It can easily unblock Disney Plus from anywhere abroad, so you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite content.

It provides a connection of up to 5 devices and significantly secure encryption, which is considered the best. The price it comes with is hefty, but the 30-day money-back guarantee makes up for it and gives a sense of financial satisfaction. Hence it is on the top of the list.

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2. Surfshark: Most-Affordable VPN for Disney+


Surfshark is genuinely one of the most affordable VPN out there if you are concerned about how to stream Disney Plus and are clueless. It connects instantly to any server, whether it be from the USA, UK, or NZ. It won’t disappoint as it has 3200+ servers in over 63 countries.

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Moreover, Surfshark gives you unlimited access with a single connection so all your devices can stream Disney Plus and stay protected at the same time. The price tag it comes with is also the most affordable of them.

3. PureVPN: Vast Server Bank to Unblock Disney Plus

Disney Surf Shark Tank

PureVPN is one of the reliable VPN in the industry. It has over 6500 servers in 140+ countries, promising a smooth streaming experience. It also has a dedicated stream mode on its app.

Disney surf shark tank

PureVPN gives up to 10 multi logins on an account and equips you with top-quality encryption, so you stay safe and undetected while you unblock Disney Plus. The subscription package comes with a 7-day trial and a 31-day money-back guarantee.

In The End

Concluding with the fact that Disney Plus will eventually spread across as a significant streaming platform like Netflix. And while it’s under progress, a VPN can sort out your cravings to watch all the best shows on Disney Plus.

Author Bio

Binge-watchers who enjoy exploring new movies/TV shows, might have come across the name “Disney Plus“. The new video-on-demand (VoD) platform made its way into the marketplace back in November 2019, but is already competing with the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

The only problem is that Disney Plus is only available in US and 14 other countries. This means, it imposes geo-restrictions to limit its content to only an approved list of locations. As such, if you want to watch content on Disney Plus, you will require the assistance of a VPN service.

This is where using Surfshark with Disney+ comes in handy for streamers around the world. By connecting to any of Surfshark’s servers in the US, you can begin streaming on Disney Plus today. Below I will discuss the details of using Surfshark Disney to unblock all of its content.

Price$2.21/mo. on a 2-year plan + 3 Months free
Streaming Speed90.63 Mbps
Streaming QualityUltra HD (1080p)
Servers1,800+ in 63 countries
Multi loginsUnlimited
Data EncryptionAES-256-CBC
Other PlatformsNetflix, iPlayer, Hulu
Get Surfshark for Disney+30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Should You Get a VPN for Disney+?

Disney+ may be a new service in the marketplace of streaming platforms, but unless licensing contracts with production houses aren’t agreed on, Disney+ can’t stream outside the current 15 locations its available in. Therefore, they impose geographical and content limitations, which prevent users from accessing their website and content.

A VPN proves to be a crucial tool for streamers and binge-watchers. It typically gives you the ability to cloak your real IP address and shift your location to make it appear as if you reside in another country. As such, even if Disney+ restricts its content outside the US, you can easily unblock it by connecting to a server in the US via Surfshark!

Get Surfshark for Disney+30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Choose Surfshark to Unblock Disney Plus?

Despite being a relative newcomer (launched in 2018), Surfshark has defied all odds to prove itself as an all-rounder available for half the price, matching all the criteria for unblocking Disney+:

  • It offers 1800+ servers, out of which 500+ servers are located in US for unblocking.
  • Seamless streaming on all platforms, including Android and iOS devices.
  • Delivers fast speeds to stream in 4K quality with minimal speed loss.
  • Zero WebRTC/DNS/IP leak issues that could result in your VPN getting blocked.
  • Powerful military-grade, AES-256-CBC encryption for security and privacy.
Get Surfshark for Disney+30-Days Money Back Guarantee

How Do I Watch Disney Plus on Surfshark?

  1. Go to the official Surfshark website.
  2. Click on the “Stream Anything” button.
  3. Select a suitable plan from the options.
  4. Choose a payment method
  5. (To stay anonymous use: Bitcoin)
  6. Complete the checkout process
  7. Download the relevant VPN app
  8. (I will be using the Windows Client)
  9. Launch the Surfshark Application
  10. Connect to a server in the US
  11. Go to the “Disney+” website or app
  12. Enjoy streaming your favorite TV shows/movies!
Get Surfshark for Disney+30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Why is Surfshark Not Working with Disney+?

Ideally, a VPN should have no trouble in anonymizing your online activities and location. Despite being one of the best, Surfshark can still get blocked or give troubles when accessing Disney+. Follow these steps below, if you encounter the “Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your region” error:

  1. Preliminary Checks – Disconnect and reconnect to another server. If it does not work, consider contacting the VPN tech support team for direct assistance.
  2. Check your IP Address – Test your VPN by going to IPLeak.net and see if there are any DNS/WebRTC/IP address leak issues.
  3. Flush your DNS – The DNS entries from your ISP can sometimes get stored in your device which may generate conflict. You need to empty this cache in order to fix this problem.
  4. Clear Browser Cache – Sometimes a conflict occurs in the browser location and the VPN connection. Clear your browser cache before streaming.
  5. Disable IPv6 Connectivity – To be on the safe side, it is always a good option to disable IPv6 connectivity on your Windows and Mac devices!
Get Surfshark for Disney+30-Days Money Back Guarantee

People Also Ask

Does Disney+ work with Surfshark?

The process of getting Disney+ to work with Surfshark is quite simple, Go to the Surfshark website, purchase a suitable plan, get the relevant VPN app, connect to a server in the US, and access the Disney+ website or app!

Is Surfshark good for streaming?

Surfshark is a great cord-cutting tool for users who want to unblock platforms like Disney+. If you share your VPN with friends/family, you won’t even have to worry about going over the connection limit, as it offers unlimited simultaneous logins!

What free VPN works with Disney+?

Free VPN services are unreliable tools and use shady practices to pay for the costs of their service. I would instead recommend using a premium VPN service like Surfshark, which is available for a minimal $2.49/mo.

Wrapping Things Up

Disney Surf Shark Pictures

If you are an entertainment-geek looking to see all that Disney+ has to offer, utilizing the unblocking capabilities of Surfshark is a great decision. With a low-price of $2.49/mo, 1,700+ servers in 60+ countries, and 500 servers in US alone, Surfshark will not leave you disappointed.

Surfshark Disney Plus Not Working

Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues, feel free to drop a comment below! 🙂