Crusader Kings 3 Switch

Crusader Kings 3 is an immensely complex grand strategy game, and allows players to live out their fantasies, whether that's being a medieval ruler taking over their enemies' land, or killing and eating the pope in a pagan religious ritual. Whatever reason players are coming to Paradox's latest 4X, there's a ton of resources and tutorials available for helping would-be-kings maximize the efficiency of ruling their demesne.


Getting used to the robust mechanics and tools Crusader Kings 3 has to offer is no small task, but once players have these under their belt, they're well on their way toward ruling an in-game medieval dynasty from the comfort of their computers. Batch rename bridge in excel. Successfully managing a realm is tricky no matter how well-versed players are in the ins and outs of Paradox's medieval sim, and sometimes it's easy to be confused by seemingly-basic mechanics like changing one's realm capital. If a player moves their primary title to a different holding, it's reasonable to want to switch the capital as well, and it's surprisingly simple to do so.

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Crusader Kings 3 is more modern than previous games in the grand strategy series, but it's still complex. So, here's how to set up your game to enable cheats. Crusader Kings 3 Codes and Console Commands Below you can check out a list of cheats from Paradox’s own wiki. In order to use them you need to start the game in debug mode.

Choose The New Capital Location

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First, players must select a holding that they'd like to move the capital to, whether they've declared war in CK3 to conquer it, or they inherited it from their predecessor. Regardless of how the holding is obtained, it has to be within the player's realm, and can't be ruled by another leader and therefore out of the player's possession.

When looking at the lower holding scroll, players can see a small icon with a crown and an arrow to the right of the holding title. This crown is bronze or tan in color, and can be found directly to the right of a blue crown, which is right beside the image of a quill and ink bottle. These three icons are slightly smaller than the holding title and are easy to miss. With so much info for players to take in, many icons like the ones to change taxes and levies in CK3 are blink-and-you'll-miss-it.

Move The Capital

Crusader Kings 3 Switch Walkthrough

Once the button is located, players can select it to move the realm capital to this holding, which they will then have to confirm by clicking 'Move.' This last confirmation would come in handy if the player were to get caught up in all the small text boxes and icons on the UI and accidentally click something, and in CK3, mistakes can be deadly.

The solution to moving one's realm capital turns out to be pretty simple, and hopefully with this knowledge players can turn their attention to making the many more complicated decisions that go into managing both a medieval realm and a dynastic family.


Crusader Kings 3 Switch

Crusader Kings 3 is out now on on PC.

Crusader Kings 3 Switch

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