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Connect your Google Pixel 4a to TV via Miracast Display In order to connect your Google Pixel 4a to your TV, you must use Miracast Display Finder application which will allow you to broadcast your videos, your streaming on your TV or PC or Smartphone which has Miracast technology. Google Home, streaming application for Google Pixel 4a. Here's how to share your screen or media files with another screen (TV, game console, etc.) using your Google Pixel / Pixel XL. Using SmartShare Understand what SmartShare is. SmartShare is a program on your LG Smart TV.


Welcome to our Initial TV Setup guide for your LG Smart TV. This guide will help you to troubleshoot and resolve most common scenarios on your LG Smart TV. If you want, you can download the manual for your TV. The Easy TV Setup Guide is an interactive tool that helps you connect your TV to various external devices correctly. Your nearby LG Laser TV's supporting WiDi will be searched. In the list, select your TV and click CONNECT. Enter the 4–digit MY PIN number displayed on the TV in the Intel WiDi program input field on your laptop and press CONTINUE. In a moment, the laptop screen will be displayed on the Laser TV screen.

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When I turn on my OLED tv, it displays a prompt that tells me the pixel refresh process has failed. I have run the pixel refresher to completion, and it has also been set to run when the tv is turned off, and the tv remained off for many hours. But this ‘pixel refresher process has failed’ continues to prompt most every time I power the tv on. How can I stop this?


How To Connect Google Pixel To Lg Smart Tv

  • sjm626, what is the model number to the TV? Did you schedule the pixel refresher to run manually or did the TV run it automatically?
  • It is an OLED65C7P. I have tried running it manually (starting it now, it turns tv off, runs it, then turns on a couple hours later), and telling it to run when the tv is turned off, and leaving it off overnight. Have done both of these processes several times to success. When I turn it on it always prompts ‘the tv was turned on before pixel refresher could be completed. To start the process again, go to the pixel refresher menu in settings’. This had been going on several days.
  • I know it runs after 2000 hours of use. I checked and it has been in use 2056 hours, so I guess it started recently. But shouldn’t the process stop after it has run successfully?
  • JamalofLG any suggestions on what I can try? I have changed several default settings, unhooked all connections, etc. pixel refresher continues to run every time I power off my tv, and I hope this is not ruining my expensively OLED tv.
  • Sjm626, are you getting any help? Considering an OLED purchase but don't want to spend money for a fragile technology with poor customer support.
  • sedroc- no one is helping. My OLED tv was great for the first 1.5 years. Then when it hit 2000 hours of use, it started to attempt to run the ‘pixel refresher’. Fine, but now every time I power on the tv, I get a prompt that the pixel refresh process did not complete (even though the device has been off for 18 hours or so). There is nothing in the settings to tell it not to run - just a couple options - both will start automatically when powered off. I have tried resetting back to factory options, unplugging all connections, etc. am out of ideas, and it is no longer under warranty, as I didn’t buy the expensive extended warranty. Picture is still fine, just the annoying prompt at every power on. But I worry if something destructive is slowly happening.
  • An update for anyone interested - I got a local LG authorized repair guy to come out. He was awesome. They have a magic ‘service’ remote that can run diagnostics and do all sorts of things - some dangerous without training. He used that to reset the tv as if it just came from the factory (which differs from what I can do with my remote to revert to the original settings) and ran some tests to make sure the hardware was ok (it was). He was very sure that would fix the issue after leaving the tv off for a couple hours (so the pixel refresh process would run), and he was right.
    so bottom line is that LG has some kind of software bug that can only be rectified by someone with a LG service remote to reset the tv.
    also, FYI - when I now look at the hours the tv has been is use, this process reset that to 0 (it was a bit over 2,000 hours prior to this). So when looking at that counter, be aware that it CAN be reset.
  • I am actually having the exact same issue that you had. My picture is perfectly fine, but I get prompted every time I turn off the tv that the pixel refresher is going to run and then there is an always an interrupted error no matter how long I keep the tv off for. It is driving me crazy. Did you get someone sent out from contacting LG or did you just search for a local repair person yourself?
  • January 20, 2020, 10:23 pmedited January 2020
    Same issue here, tried to use pixel refresher last summer and it just keeps failing and retrying ever’s been more than 6 months now. Same TV oled65c7p..they really need to fix this.
  • I posted my results once fixed, and then did not check this thread anymore until now. To answer Phillyphan222, I used twitter to contact LG US support, and they set me up with a service call from a local authorized repair guy at no cost to me (a 1-time courtesy they said), and he came out next day, and resolved the issue as described above. He was awesome. Bottom line, ther is nothing you can do yourself to fix this, unless you have their magic service remote, which does these types of functions, some of which are dangerous unless you are trained.
  • I now have the same issue. Out of nothing I get the Pixel Refresher message every time I turn on my TV.
    I've let the TV run the Pixel Refresher several times overnight, but the message still pops up. I'm now trying to do it manually for once.
    How can one see the amount of hours the TV has been in use?

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The Google Pixel and Pixel XL have finally arrived! We’re going to cover some of our most frequently asked customer questions — starting with this: How do you connect your Pixel or Pixel XL to your TV?

1. Use Chromecast for easy streaming

Of course, Google has its own solution to this problem: Chromecast! Plug it into your TV, install the Cast app, and you’ll see a little cast icon in apps that support the standard, like Netflix and Google Music. Hit the button, and your content will automatically transfer to your TV.

You can also cast your whole screen in the Casts app by opening the side menu and selecting Cast Screen / Audio.

As well as the existing Chromecasts on the market, Google also offer the Chromecast Ultra that supports HDR and 4K. In addition, some smart TVs support Chromecast natively, including those from Samsung, Sony and LG.

2. What about USB-C to HDMI?

Sadly, Google’s Pixel phones don’t support VESA DisplayPort Alternate Mode, a standard that is found on Google’s Pixel C and Chromebook Pixel. That means they won’t work with USB-C to HDMI adapters of any kind. It’s a shame, and hopefully Google will add this functionality in future devices.

3. Add Miracast support with this one weird trick

The Pixel and Pixel XL don’t support the popular Miracast standard out of the box.

However, there are some reports that by adding the line below to your build.prop file and rebooting, you’ll be able to cast your screen via Settings -> Display -> Cast Screen -> Menu -> Enable wireless display.


See the full instructions here if you’re interested, but going the Google Cast route is probably easier unless your TV / dongle supports Miracast but not Cast, and you don’t already have a Chromecast.


Connect Pixel To Lg Tv App

Wrapping up

Connect Google Pixel 3 To Lg Tv

I hope this article helped! If you found any mistakes or have any questions, please let us know in the comments below or tweet us @mobilefun. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!