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How to enable C17 in CMake我正在使用VS 15.3,它支持集成的CMake 3.8。 在不为每个特定的编译器编写标志的情况下,如何定位C 17?. How to enable C 17 in CMake I am using VS 15.3, which supports integrated CMake 3.8. How to target C 17 without writing flags for each specif.

  1. With the release of QT 6, cmake also officially announced to take over the work of qmake. In a previous blog, I introduced how to use cmake to manage your QT project, but I didn’t say one thing, that is, how to deal with internationalization (I18N). Today we will introduce how to use cmake + clion configuration management to manage a project with internationalization support.
  2. Type: LanguageService Describe the bug OS and Version: Windows 10 Pro 1909 VS Code Version: 1.42.1 C/C Extension Version: 0.26.3 Other extensions you installed (and if the issue persists after disabling them): A clear and concise descr.

We have tried to compile OpenCV 3.4 on Ubuntu but with no success.

The compilation fails on cmake. We keep fixing the errors, but it just keeps throwing up more and more errors. We have made sure we have installed the dependencies required.

Can someone please provide a place we can get a compiling version of OpenCV 3.x for Ubuntu?

Out cmake options:

There are lots of errors and when we fix one, it throws another after another.. a bottomless well of errors.

Can someone please provide us with a compiled version?

Thanks in advance.

Tim & team

ADDED: Compilation errors Female dolphin jelly.

(1) I get compilation switch errors for

(2) Also errors:

(3) Also errors:

(4) Also 'not recognising INT8, INT16, INT32 'error which arises from 3rd party module3rdparty/libtiff/CMakeLists.txt (line 166)

--------------------- Error -------------------------------------------


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not enough information, to help you.

please add the cmake output, and the first few errors.

Forget my previous remark/answer -__(x_x)__-I was mixing up OpenCV and Caffe, which is depending on OpenCV. The issue was actually at the Caffe side, not the OpenCV one.

Hi @berak, I have added a detailed summary of the cmake errors on the original question above.

could you also add the cmake output ?

the errors you show, are from preliminary tests, they might not be relevant

Hi @StevenPuttmans, I have upgraded the gcc/g++ compilers to version 6.3.0 20170519
and am now compiling with the 'g++ -std=c++11' switch.
I have had no problems building UC Berkeley's Caffe either, b.t.w.

Hi @berak, I have added the 'cmake' output to the end of my post. Very difficult to format very long text. Unfortunately, cmake does not create the Makefile system because of the errors logged. So I cannot do a 'make' build.

Could you give cmake-gui a chance? Its more verbose on what is actually wrong and will keep visualizing the fields in red that cause issues..

The issues are clearly outlined in this log file also. I have summarised them at the top of my post. I have got rid of first 9 of those issues by removing the compilation switches which are not really needed.

C-17 Crash

The remaining switches are not in the code section, but are auto-generated into the cmake build and it is not clear from where. The problems are from switch

Also the capitalised INT8, INT16, INT32 are definitions from Windows. So why are they compiling for Linux in the 3rd party module?

Thanks. I'll take a look at this now.

Set the name of the project.


Sets the name of the project, and stores it in the variablePROJECT_NAME. When called from the top-levelCMakeLists.txt also stores the project name in thevariable CMAKE_PROJECT_NAME.

Also sets the variables



Further variables are set by the optional arguments described in the following.If any of these arguments is not used, then the corresponding variables areset to the empty string.


The options are:


Optional; may not be used unless policy CMP0048 isset to NEW.

Takes a <version> argument composed of non-negative integer components,i.e. <major>[.<minor>[.<patch>[.<tweak>]]],and sets the variables






New in version 3.12: When the project() command is called from the top-levelCMakeLists.txt, then the version is also stored in the variableCMAKE_PROJECT_VERSION.


Optional.Sets the variables


to <project-description-string>.It is recommended that this description is a relatively short string,usually no more than a few words.

When the project() command is called from the top-level CMakeLists.txt,then the description is also stored in the variable CMAKE_PROJECT_DESCRIPTION.

New in version 3.12: Added the <PROJECT-NAME>_DESCRIPTION variable.


Optional.Sets the variables


to <url-string>, which should be the canonical home URL for the project.

When the project() command is called from the top-level CMakeLists.txt,then the URL also is stored in the variable CMAKE_PROJECT_HOMEPAGE_URL.


Optional.Can also be specified without LANGUAGES keyword per the first, short signature.

Selects which programming languages are needed to build the project.Supported languages include C, CXX (i.e. C++), CUDA,OBJC (i.e. Objective-C), OBJCXX, Fortran, ISPC, and ASM.By default C and CXX are enabled if no language options are given.Specify language NONE, or use the LANGUAGES keyword and list no languages,to skip enabling any languages.

New in version 3.8: Added CUDA support.

New in version 3.16: Added OBJC and OBJCXX support.

If enabling ASM, list it last so that CMake can check whethercompilers for other languages like C work for assembly too.

The variables set through the VERSION, DESCRIPTION and HOMEPAGE_URLoptions are intended for use as default values in package metadata and documentation.

Code Injection¶

If the CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE_BEFORE or_INCLUDE_BEFORE'>CMAKE_PROJECT_<PROJECT-NAME>_INCLUDE_BEFORE variables are set,the files they point to will be included as the first step of theproject() command.If both are set, then CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE_BEFORE will beincluded before _INCLUDE_BEFORE'>CMAKE_PROJECT_<PROJECT-NAME>_INCLUDE_BEFORE.

If the CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE or_INCLUDE'>CMAKE_PROJECT_<PROJECT-NAME>_INCLUDE variables are set, the filesthey point to will be included as the last step of the project() command.If both are set, then CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE will be included before_INCLUDE'>CMAKE_PROJECT_<PROJECT-NAME>_INCLUDE.

New in version 3.15: Added the CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE and CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE_BEFOREvariables.


New in version 3.17: Added the CMAKE_PROJECT_<PROJECT-NAME>_INCLUDE_BEFORE variable.



The top-level CMakeLists.txt file for a project must contain aliteral, direct call to the project() command; loading onethrough the include() command is not sufficient. If no suchcall exists, CMake will issue a warning and pretend there is aproject(Project) at the top to enable the default languages(C and CXX).


Cmake C 17 Download

Call the project() command near the top of the top-levelCMakeLists.txt, but after calling cmake_minimum_required().It is important to establish version and policy settings before invokingother commands whose behavior they may affect.See also policy CMP0000.