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Chromecast is a very wonderful device, which has ability to convert your normal TV into smart TV. Using Chromecast you can cast video along with sound from popular media streaming apps, e.g. Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Jio Cinema etc. In this post we will see how to cast laptop to TV using Chromecast.

Chromebook Cast To Lg Tv

How Chromecast works

Many sets made by Sony, Philips, Sharp and others come with Chromecast built-in (no need for any add-ons, though there is some difference in functionality) as do TVs by Toshiba, Vizio and Skyworth, plus some models announced by LG and Hisense. As for music, you can cast from music apps (or streaming websites via the Chrome browser) to stream. Turn on your TV. Plug in your Chromecast. Learn how to plug your Chromecast in to your TV. Using the Input or Source button on your TV remote, change the input on your TV until you see the.

How to connect your Chromebook to your TV with an HDMI cable 1. Start by plugging the HDMI cable into your laptop. If an adapter is required, plug the cord into the adapter first and then fit the. Jul 09, 2020 Tap the Cast icon at the top of the screen of the chosen app, then tap the LG Smart TV as the device you want to Cast to. If an app has a cast icon, but the LG TV isn't listed, this means the content can't be cast to the LG TV without the addition of an external Chromecast device. Video & TV Cast is the #1 Video Casting App for iOS and Android with more than 100.000.000 downloads across all platforms. It supports all popular TV brands and streaming devices, inlcuding Chromecast, Samsung, LG, Roku, Fire TV and more.

Chromecast is a media-streaming device, which can be connected with TV using HDMI port and having Wi-Fi receiver inbuilt. When you setup Chromecast in your android mobile, it connects with your mobile using Wi-Fi router, and having ability to download and stream contents directly from internet to your TV.

For only selecting the desired movie and TV shows you require your Android mobile. Once it connects with the desired media, it directly connects with the Wi-Fi router and stream contents from internet. You can use your mobile thereafter for another work. Whatever apps supported with Chromecast, You can cast their content to TV.

Now a lot of or we can say most apps supported cast feature using Chromecast, except some like Amazon Prime video.

Using Chromecast, you can also screen mirror your android mobile screen to TV for watching photographs and videos, even you can use your laptop and desktop to watch contents on TV wirelessely withour needs of HDMI cable, if they are on the same Wi-FI network which Chromecast has.

How to cast laptop to TV using Chromecast including audio

To connect your Laptop or desktop with Chromecast, you will require Google Chrome browser on your Laptop or PC to be installed. Chromecast only works with Chrome browser, some developer working on making Firefox extension for Mozilla Firefox, which is still in beta stage.

Can A Chromebook Cast To A Smart Tv

Your laptop should be connected with the same SSID of Wi-Fi router, if you have desktop it should be connected with the same router using Ethernet cable.

Chromebook cast to lg tv windows 10

Open Google Chrome browser, from the three dots at right side, click over cast button. You will see the following pop up, where from the dropdown in sources, select “Cast Desktop”, and now click over the Chromecast name shown, here for example shown as living room.

One more screen will pop up where you will see option to share audio, check this radio button (by default it is checked on). Now click over share button. And you are done, your whole desktop/ Laptop is now screen mirrored with TV including audio.

If you want to share only Chrome browser current Tab, that can also be done. Now test by watching some movies on the Laptop or TV. It should work fine.

Chromebook Cast To Lg Tv Without

Using the screen mirror feature you can watch movies, watch prime videos using browser cast to the TV and even cast your power point presentations on the TV.

If you have wireless, keyboard and mouse than you can manage easily your content and power points from suitable distance. if you want to cast your laptop without Wi-Fi router, see the following steps on how to cast laptop to TV without Wi-Fi router.

ChromebookChromebook Cast To Lg Tv

How to cast laptop to TV where no Wi-Fi router available

Suppose you want to connect your laptop to a TV to run a presentation using power point, but there are no Wi-Fi routers available, than you can follow these steps.

Connect the chrome cast into the HDMI port of the TV, now you will require a portable Hotspot device like JioFI for airtel Wi-Fi dongle. Seinfeld master of my domain. If you do not have these devices, use your phone’s hotspot feature to connect the device with the Chromecast. To setup Chromecast you need another Android device which will use to setup new home using Google Home app.

Can I Cast From My Chromebook To My Tv

After setup is completed, connect your laptop with the same Wi-Fi network e.g. hotspot of mobile.

Now you can screen mirror your laptop screen to TV using chrome cast without Wi-Fi router. In this method once setup is completed for Chromecast, further internet connection is not required only hotspot shall be required to cast laptop over to TV.

How to run PPT presentation from directly mobile to TV using Chromecast

If you want to run power point directly from your mobile to TV using Chromecast, you need to install Google Slide app from play store, this app can open power point from your Google Drive online and can also open the power point from mobile’s local storage.

See our previous post on how to run power point presentations from mobile to TV.

You can also cast Android Screen on Laptop using Windows 10 inbuilt wireless display feature that works with the help of connect app.

If you want to connect Laptop to TV wirelessly without use of Chromecast you follow the steps as described in our post how to connect laptop to TV wirelessly or wired.

Chromebook Cast To Samsung Tv


Chromebook Cast To Lg Tv Wireless

Using Chromecast you can not only cast your Android mobile, even you can cast your laptop or desktop to TV.

Cast Chromebook To Lg Tv

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