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C# Cmake

For small projects, people tend to directly invoke the compiler with thesuitable options to build the program. While it is feasible, it is tedious totype those compilation options and flags. For projects with multiple sourcefiles and header files, it becomes inefficient to build by hand. On Linux,people may write Makefile andbuild with make. On Windows, people mayuse Visual Studio for writing and build their project.

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CMake is a meta build tool. It can generate buildfiles for various build tools such as make, Ninja,Visual Studio. So using CMake is way to make sure that our programs can buildacross platforms and build tools. Some famous open source projects choose CMakeas their build tools. These projects include Neovim, OpenCV, MySQL.

In post, I will share how to build a simple C++ program using CMake.

C Compiler

First, create a project directory, add the following source filewrite_text.cc. It uses the OpenCV library to read an image, write some textto image and save it on the disk.

Cmake Install Command

Under project root, create a file named CMakeLists.txt. This file describeshow we want to build our project in the language of CMake. The content of is:

It is best to create a build directory for building the project so that we donot pollute the source directory.

By default, cmake will generate a build file for makeStream from mac to lg smart tv. on Linux systems. Ifyou want to generate build file for other tools such as ninja, you can use-G. For example, to generate build file for ninja, use the following command:

How To Build With Cmake

The option -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release specify the build type.We can also use Debug or RelWithDebInfo etc.

Cmake C# Nuget

To build the project, we can use cmake --build build if we are in projectroot or cmake --build . if we are in directory build. If you generateMakefile for make, you can also use make -C build to build the projectdirectly, or use ninja -C build_ninja if you generate the build file forninja. The advantage of using command cmake --build is consistency. You donot need to worry which specific build tool to invoke. CMake will figure it outfor you.

If you happen to use ccls for code completion, you can also generate acompilation databases file named compile_commands.json for ccls to use, withthe help of cmake. With the help of this file, ccls can provide code completionand code analysis for your project.

To produce this file, use the following comamnd: