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  • Create a Garden of Potted Plants. Even if you don’t have a backyard, it’s possible to create a garden on the balcony with a multitude of potted plants. Opt for larger varieties if you want to create some privacy. Or add a flowering vine that will twist around your railing. Small but Mighty.
  • Making your balcony more private when living in an apartment can be as simple as hanging plants from the railing or installing a plant trellis. Place the trellis against a wall and let the plants grow vertically. This takes up less space and is a great way to add a garden on smaller balconies.
  • Whether you want inspiration for planning balcony garden or are building designer balcony garden from scratch, Houzz has 401 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including The Balcony Garden and Bernard Andre Photography.
  • The Vegetable Garden Planner. This vegetable garden planner will help you find & filter vegetable gardening ideas based on planting and harvesting month, sun tolerance, growing difficulty and more. Select your hardiness zone below to view sowing & harvest periods tailored to your area.

Use one of these free raised planter box plans to get all the advantages of a traditional garden with a lot less work. You'll spend less time pulling weeds and more time using rich soil to grow your raised bed garden. Whether you fill them with vegetables, flowers, or herbs, you'll enjoy the convenience of having a designated area to grow them.

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Follow the Pattern is a brand new column from furniture maker and upholstery expert (and Home52's Resident Design Wiz) Nicole Crowder. Nicole is here to show us how to breathe new life into old furniture, reuse and repurpose materials, take chances with color and pattern—and develop a signature aesthetic. Today, she shares her tips for transforming a balcony.

Spring has unfurled across the country, reminding us that it’s the perfect time to start cultivating our outdoor spaces: the patios and balconies that have felt so far removed through a cold, long winter. Like so many of you, I live in an apartment building in a city (luckily, one with a small patio), and find that even just adding a few chairs and plants on the patio makes all the difference. This year, I went a step further to try to create a garden-like oasis where I could feel transported every time I set foot outside. The result is an outdoor space filled with color, texture, and just the right amount of whimsy. Read on to learn how I did it.

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Creating privacy shields through plants

If you live in a big city—or have neighbors with outdoor spaces close to yours—you might crave a little privacy. My favorite way to do this is by staggering plants around the perimeter of my balcony railing. Use tall plants or plants with big leaves that span out, like philodendron, palm leaf, and monstera. You can also add height by staggering your plants on stands. I love a modern plant stand like this one by Blomus.

Because I live in Minnesota, where it stays cool for longer through the year, I opted to add some artificial plants to the mix, so I don’t have to worry about them wilting or dying. I bought this hanging wisteria that I’ve strung along the balcony railing, as well as some artificial green vines that drape the frame of the balcony door. Michaels is a great source for dried and artificial hanging plants, and prices can range from $18 to $125, depending on what you pick.

Picking the Right Chairs

Balcony Garden Planner Online

There are infinite options for patio and balcony chairs. I think the most important thing to consider, no matter the fabric or color palette, is the materiality of the fabric and chair frame. Take the white canvas chairs I have (which sadly are no longer in production), for example: Canvas is always a great choice because it’s super easy to clean and holds up well against the elements, and the wooden frame is treated, so it’s less susceptible to rain, sleet, and sunlight.

Another thing to keep in mind when styling your balcony is the dimensions of your furniture. My chairs are wide enough to be comfortable for a sustained period, but not so wide that they took up too much space. I chose single standing chairs so I could have the flexibility to move them around.

If you prefer to create a seating zone, this sectional corner is the perfect size and shape for fitting into a corner. Or if you have the space, splash out on an entire sectional.

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If you really have some outdoor space to work with, a hanging egg chair like this can help elevate your outdoor game. You can also use pouf cushions or ottomans as alternatives to chairs, which can also help maximize space and add dimension to your balcony.

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Here are two other chairs I’ve got my eye on: a wicker lounge chair that I would definitely never want to get up from, and this modernist cashmere lounge chair that’s a little more of a splurge.

Adding Color and Texture Through Rugs

The other catalyst for creating this garden oasis was wanting to extend the color in my home to the outside. My first thought was to put down some Astroturf, but then I found these vibrant reversible mats made from recycled plastic (even better!). I love the idea of overlapping rugs to create a tapestry because it adds texture and opens up the space.

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I wanted a round table to help break up the angular lines of the chairs, the rugs, and the balcony rails, but also be able to continue to maximize space on the balcony. And because I love having snacks and wine on the balcony, I wanted a table large enough to fit plates of food and a couple glasses of wine. I eventually found this small, round table with a quartz top and brass frame from Hobby Lobby through a seasonal sale, but also had my eye on this lovely quartz table.

Some other ideas for practical but cute tables: This fold-up and carry table acts as a picnic table, but also stores and carries your snacks and wine for easy transportation—for re-creating park picnic vibes right at home; and you can never go wrong with a classic bistro table.

Ultimately, when styling your balcony space—whether your desire is to replicate a garden oasis, a desert getaway, or a seaside vibe—the key is in creating texture by layering, layering, and more layering. Add multiple rugs, a variety of plants that love direct sunlight, colorful pillows to your chairs, and printed pouf cushions to the floor. Bring along your books and an outdoor bar cart. Flank your doorway with tall ceramic sculptures to create a sculpture garden vibe. The possibilities are as wide open as the outdoors themselves.

Are you decorating your patio or balcony? Let us know what you plan to add in the comments below.


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We’ve already told you about smart balcony storage ideas but what design to choose in case you don’t have much space there? I think that greenery in a balcony leaves an impression of being in the garden, so placing planters with herbs, flowers and succulents is a cool idea – put them on the floor and walls. The main thing is a seat, and here everything depends on the size of the balcony. If it’s tine – then a big floor pillow is enough but if you have more space, then little chairs and a table that can be hung on the rail is the best choice, and romantic dinners outdoors will be waiting for you! Maybe you can put a love seat or a small sofa with a blanket to read books in comfort. Hanging lights or candle lanterns – it’s up to you, to the style you like and to the atmosphere that you want to create. Look for some inspiration below!

  • 67 Cool Small Balcony Design Ideas

A small sofa, a coffee table and a bamboo wall would make a balcony a perfect place for an afternoon tea. (Zulufish)

An outdoor day bed could even be placed on a tiny balcony. Just add some cute throw pillows and you'd get yourself a gorgeous place to relax. (Barbara Cannizzaro)

Smart outdoor LED lights that can be controlled with a smart phone is a great way to make a balcony more inviting for evening entertaining. (Engineer Your Space)

If weather permits you could enjoy great views even from a tiny balcony.

Stripe patterns could visually enlarge the space so a simple rug could change the look of a whole balcony.

If you manage to put a lot of greenery on your balcony you won't even notice you live in a dirty city.

A storage bench with a wall panel is a great outdoor space saving solution that also could help to create a living wall there. (sususu)

A comfy lounge chair is the best addition to a small balcony so you could relax there. Hanging planters is the best way to add some greenery there without occupying much space. (Jours & Nuits)

Even a super small balcony could become a great place to relax with a cup of tea.

An artificial grass rug and several window box planters with little flowers in them would make your balcony a small urban garden.

A rug can help yo make your balcony appear roomier and with the right print it could create the illusion of bigger space. A living wall is a perfect way to get a small garden without occupying any floor space.

Cafe chairs and s small table can fit even on the tiniest balcony and they definitely can help you to embrace the outdoors in comfort.

Chairs should be lightweight so you can move them around but comfy enough to sit in them for awhile.

IKEA's ÄPPLARÖ series features lots of different products to make your outdoor environment better.

Here is a cool idea - create a home bar on your balcony! A wine cooler could become a mixing station and several shelves could hold all those glasses.

String up some lights to turn your balcony into a magical hideaway. A comfy daybed or a bunch of floor pillows would help to take the romance to the next level.

Concrete planters look modern and can survive harsh weather on a balcony. (A+B KASHA Designs)

By choosing right materials you can make your balcony looks like a deck of some suburban house.

Balcony Garden Planner Tool

Window-box planters should be on every urban balcony because they are perfect to surround yourself with fresh flowers and greenery.

Foldable furniture is perfect for such tiny spaces because you can always change their layout.

DIY decor like a painted twig could become an interesting-looking an practical addition.


IKEA's furniture is perfect not only for small rooms but for tiny balconies too.

String lights and lanterns could easily set a great mood for a romantic dinner.

To enjoy the view you don't need anything besides a comfy chair and a small table.

Potted plants and living walls would look awesome on any balcony. They are the best way to make living in a city similar to living in suburban area. (Gaile Guevara)

Brighten up your balcony colorful rugs and accessories.

Add a faux grass rug for more natural green look with low maintenance.

Create a more lively feel by decorating your balcony like any other room.

Put an easel on a balcony to make it a favorite place for your kid.

Even if you're living in a house, a small balcony on the 2nd or 3rd floor could be a perfect place to enjoy the view.

Add some moody lighting for a more romantic feel.

Functional furniture that serves several purposes at once is always preferable/

With a small daybed you can create an awesome chill-out spot even on a tiny balcony.

Don't forget, that for an open balcony you need to choose pillows n hardy outdoor fabric.

Cozy plaid blanket is a perfect addition for a balcony's chair cuz it isn't always summer out there.

A tiny herb garden is a perfect addition to a balcony. You'll always be able to cook a tasty pasta dish with fresh basil or rosemary.

Sheepskin is an another thing that could provide a cozy vibe to your balcony.

We all need some colors in early Spring so a bright blanket, a colorful rug and stripped floor pillows would be a great addition to a balcony's decor.

Fresh flowers are a must have addition to all those urban balconies.

Mix and match materials to add an eclectic vibe.

For a more inviting look you can bright it up with colorful planters and cozy patterns on upholstered furniture.

Cottage-style balcony design is perfect for modern living. It looks more natural there than any other style.